My Massive iPad Pro 2020 Unboxing!



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    We’ve got a bunch of tech from Apple to unbox today! Full reviews on the iPad Pro 2020 and MacBook Air 2020 coming soon!
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    1. Nashir Mohammed

      the macbook air is why the ipad makes no sense. why pay twice the price for less functionality? i got rid of my ipads years ago and got the 13 inch mb and it's the best thing for travel.

    2. iPhone Engine

      How many of you here love apple products?

    3. Bree Abraham

      The way you held the iPad and macbook gave me some serious anxiety. All I was thinking about is if you dropped them😓

    4. Dileep Rajan

      are you going to start using the new iPad u bought?

    5. Eddie Zuniga

      My broke ass 2 sec into vid: PLZ BE A GIVEAWAY

    6. Gerelt-Od Ariunaa

      I have that iPad so I’m using it and I’m happy

    7. Josh Elks

      He holds the iPad and laptop like he wants to drop it

    8. Mario Ribeiro

      They are copy Microsoft

    9. NightHawks 2446

      uravgconsumer:We need ultra wide me: what is ultra wide

    10. LambdaG

      im pretty sure this guy is far above the average consumer..... lol

    11. Ivan Marinković SJ

      Dude, I like your videos. You are so funny!

    12. Jason Dsilva

      You should check this laptop Lenovo thinkpad e590

    13. alisuo toko

      UrAvgConsumer : Apple sent me stuffs for review... Apple: nahh you bought it...

    14. MT Vlog

      I like iPad

    15. Crystal

      Yo man, can you tell me how you got rich plz?? 😔🙃

      1. Crystal

        alisuo toko sooo where are you trynna go?

      2. alisuo toko

        My question is you have a Mac you can't take it anywhere but your house or apartment the iPad is a MacBook which you can carry so you don't need both like idk man as they s

    16. Akshat Chandraker

      Cool dude nice video

    17. NoVa_KeVz Z

      Does all of that come with the ipad?



    18. Chanelle Salim

      your average customer: so today we'll be opening a package apple sent me me: *laughs in broke* oh no you don't

    19. Leticia Mendez

      Can u make one about best computers/ tablets for kids since my state now has distant learning.

    20. Paul Simjay

      There's nothing Average about this unboxing

    21. Angel majorjoy

      Will the New iPad 'Pro',, be able to do pro level logic/music/production/recording?

    22. Amelie Teleki

      I would really would like to have onw

    23. mikea hiooi

      UrAvgConsumer: so this is mostly just for light surfing Me: laughs in you should just get a chromebook then

    24. •Cate Star•

      Me watching this with my 6 year old iPad Air 2 that has a MAYJOR crack on it wishing I could buy this 😭

    25. Leo 44

      Just buy the 2018 one its pretty much then same

      1. mikea hiooi

        Ur rich man I'm so jealous

    26. Kami Draws bad

      Hes sooo lucky😭

    27. neshket 28

      Massive overpriced

    28. sebbe sebbe

      wish i could afford one

    29. Valle Ranchez

      The best unboxing ive ever seen

    30. Jesus Torres Amaya

      Make and iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro video hoho

    31. JO E Hernandez

      Hi I am lexia and I'm your #1 fan

    32. Elite_Locity_Art.

      My question is you have a Mac you can't take it anywhere but your house or apartment the iPad is a MacBook which you can carry so you don't need both like idk man as they said a apple product a year makes your money disappear

    33. Disney Jared 1

      U are soooo lucky to have one my parents can’t buy me one because we’re struggling with money ☹️

    34. Ciaran Gold

      I’m an art student, this ipad would be perfect for me

    35. Christian Jade

      Can i have your old ipad?

    36. Christian Jade

      Can you do a Give away?

    37. Anderson Ribeiro


    38. C M

      My thing is I’m a little confused where the market is for the MacBook Air when there’s a 12.9 iPad Pro with the magic keyboard that most likely is way more powerful and over all fits the need for the market the air is targeted for. Granted that’s more money but still. Wireless mouse and amazon case with Bluetooth keyboard. Makes the iPad Pro 12.9 the better option probably.

    39. The Kidrix

      Idk why I’m watching when I already have this🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽

    40. Tate Dillow

      AR? Really? Does anyone anywhere use it for more than putting a pretend monster on the couch? What a colossal waste.

    41. Hidden Hype

      Ur rich man I'm so jealous

    42. Hidden Hype


    43. Campbell T

      Who takes pictures with a iPad


        Aunt Karen. at the wedding. And she stands up and moves around with her big ass iPad blocking the actual photographers trying to get a shot. True story.

    44. the magical world of felicia heart Olsen

      I'm just gonna ask mah mom and dad to buy me that for my b'day bcoz it's on April 2

    45. Mike Drake

      Nice demonstration but I refuse to buy any more products made in China! The barbaric dog and cat slaughter must stop immediately or countries will impose trade sanctions. Love Apple products but let’s be honest there prices are just getting ridiculous now. If Apple and all other major manufacturers took a stand or had a back bone this wildlife and animal slaughter would stop tomorrow. 🙏🏻🐶🐈🤑# getabackbone

    46. PastEth Man

      Him: get a iPad in seconds Me:Wait A Year


      Bro any updates on The Legendary iPhone 9 {SE 2} ?

    48. Revanth Kasireddi

      Any Giveaway ?

    49. acim ja

      Guys. Nobody knows or expect he would come all the way to be this successful. If you scroll way back to his early videos he is average. So he give this channel that name when he started so it kinda make sense. Now yeah he is way above average and I am personally happy for him. So should all the rest of us. Sorry if there is any grammatical error. English is not my first language. Peace✌️

    50. shahtub

      In the next 30 years, you wont be able to position your cursor anywhere inside a WORD except by way of a "long press" on the screen. The silliest thing. That defines Apple's capability.

    51. Xx_RED_xX

      Can you use the magic keyboard with the other iPad Pro that has magnets


        Yes it will work with the 2018 IPad Pro.

    52. Kapil Narindra

      I’m a child and I’m like cool but I don’t understand a thing which one is better the MacBook or the iPad Pro

    53. Sree T

      I always wonder, why big companies like apple sends you costly products for you free?? Insane


        Because this video already has 1 million views.

    54. Codec ABD

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="121">2:01</a> you mean all that trash stuff <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="656">10:56</a> "STICKERS!" Um never mind

    55. bilishu aliss

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="668">11:08</a> Ladies, you know the procedures

      1. xanthanx

        Blushes 😳

    56. HEARTBREAKER 2.0

      I hope there's someone give a phone because im only borrowing cellphone to my mother😞😞😞im telling the truth😞 - - - - Yeah😞 there's no one can gi me phone😞

    57. ken Huang

      what's the point to use a mouse on a such tiny screen? isn't much easier to use your finger?

      1. bilishu aliss

        I need all those stuff that u have unboxed

    58. Sherman Munn

      Ur Average Consumer wouldn’t flex like he’s Zuckerberg.

    59. openURcantos

      you know it's paid content when someone praises Apple TV+ ... "average consumer" my a$$

    60. Mahogany_Hues

      IT👏🏾IS👏🏾NOT👏🏾A👏🏾COMPUTER👏🏾UNTIL👏🏾ITUNES👏🏾ON👏🏾THE👏🏾IPAD👏🏾IS👏🏾UNTETHERED👏🏾FROM👏🏾A👏🏾COMPUTER!!!! Until I don’t need a computer to manage my iTunes purchases, the iPad is still a peripheral device.

    61. aylinyilmaz

      I love the camera work

    62. Mallanagouda Mali Patil

      Brother I that MacBook air please

      1. alida flus

        Send me this box

    63. Winter Gaming

      this guy is no longer an "average consumer" lmao

    64. Szabolcs Berky

      I did trust your Thumbnails up until now, but putting the magic keyboard in it was kind of meh. I thought you would be better than that.

      1. alida flus

        The Mac book air doesn’t have one

    65. Nathaniel Arnold-Moore

      I love how the new apple products use usb type c

    66. Rishabh Balakrishnan

      Wears a NIKE band while wearing an ADDIDAS jacket

    67. CrypticAura z

      When u pay 1.6 thousand dollars just to get a core i5

    68. Kaponyaz Kwaheri

      I would really love to win and if i dont won i will still keep surpporting this amazing channel Subscribe✅ Comment✅ Share✅ Like✅

    69. Sai

      This broke me man. U r not an avg consumer. U r a millionaire. Nice vid by d way. Cheers man!

    70. John Bryan Loberanes

      Wow hope to get one of that someday😔

    71. Ulysses Alaniz

      Ummm can you do a giveaway please LOL

    72. Deadpool

      How can this person be average consumer what an irony

    73. The learner

      I need all those stuff that u have unboxed

    74. Samayamanthula Nikhilsai

      bro u r looking cool

    75. Aarav Krishna

      Wait so apple gave you all this for free luck I don even have a good phone

    76. I see you

      Bro give one giveaway

    77. Kobe Tuastomban

      I love me a nice 12.9 inch...... iPad.

    78. Hydrosoft Tech

      The Mac book air doesn’t have one

    79. Donate to me Plz

      Send me this box

    80. shimura nana

      i mean i know new ipad and shit but when i see the different between them i really don't care, so for me as a student ipad pro 2018 is fine that's why i just ordered one, because i don't care about if it's faster or best camera that's not really something for me, but i will wait for the new keyboard cuz i need that touch bad tho