Parents React to YoungBoy Never Broke Again (NBA)



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    NBA YoungBoy reacted to by Parents. Links are below.
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    Parents react to NBA YoungBoy. Watch to see their reactions.
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    Parents React to YoungBoy Never Broke Again (NBA)


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      1. Jack Brady

        FBE Parents react to Rod Wave!!!

      2. Zomb Tomb

        Pls parents react to nle choppa

      3. zephon Morrow

        Do polo g

      4. Anthony Nero

        FBE elders react to lil baby or 21 savage

      5. Juvena

        FBE YNW Melly please

    2. faduma mohamed

      White folks do get it 😤😤 saying do this instead of that but this want available, what was available was protecting yourself. Hs flexin now cause he grew up with nothing

    3. Mehemmed Gasimli

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="214">3:34</a> Your ass still knowing that it’s music dammm

    4. Skye Williams

      I really love yb he’s my favorite🥰

    5. Skye Williams


    6. bhabiecienaa

      ‘dont smoke buddy its not good for ya’ girl you ain’t neva felt pain or never had a struggle growing up n it shows 🤦🏽‍♂️.

    7. bhabiecienaa

      man let nba youngboy see this , the white girl will be the first one youngboy shoot or come for 😭.

    8. Fibes Daboo

      NBA YoungBoy: put up his hand to make a gun White lady: He StIlL AiMiNg HiS gUn

    9. Rico Corona

      Bruh that bean head light skin dude was on 60 days on

    10. Cole Hubbard

      Im white and i even understand there just dumb

    11. Wesley Torna

      NBA young boy is trash

    12. Gianna Velazquez

      They don’t understand he flecks because he came from nothing like they done get it

    13. Donovan Willis

      Black mama got me dying

    14. Mya Maria

      Idc YB hard af

    15. john osborne

      Do parents or adults react to glokk9

    16. jermaine hill

      “Going back to his roots” I woulda slap the shit out her after that🤦🏽‍♂️

    17. Mikey Thegoat

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="369">6:09</a> he doing it to repersent where be came from and the struggle its kinda obvious

    18. Leward Szn

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="44">0:44</a> Vanessa- “Where’s the real production quality” me- “Where’s your real hair color”

    19. Muchie Gilmore

      Old girl wit read shirt getin on my nerves

    20. Muchie Gilmore

      They hatinggggg

    21. mimi lee

      They just need listen to his story

    22. Probs. itry

      of course there’s a karen

    23. Starr Taylor Armstrong

      Ik genie would hit 😹💯

    24. nap.kanya

      the guy with the button up for real pissed me off

    25. A Jaugar Underground

      18 or 19

    26. UF_isayah 22

      Lady in the red shirt a real Karin

    27. UF_isayah 22

      Hanging out with your friends what friends

    28. StezzyAndy

      Slim Jesus is better🗣


      And y’all say not everything is about race lol

    30. alan Wilder

      I feel like parents don't really think that NBA is bout that life

    31. Carlos Olmedo

      She is so white and you need to flex to show your richness

    32. ung nuddy

      The lady with the red shirt on don't get the struggle

    33. India Key

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="361">6:01</a> watch that she need to stop

    34. India Key

      Some of these white lady’s are haters🤦🏽‍♂️

    35. Mason William

      these people r too white

    36. Xoxo.marmar

      They look at his appearance and try to judge him but they really need to listen to what he is saying then judge him.

    37. yvng_dj 107

      Erry white person in here was spoiled as a kid 😂

    38. Baby Ray

      Can you do parents react to trippie redd

    39. P O

      Basically his videos over do it apart from the positive song

    40. deucegotswag YT

      I hate whit people idgaf

    41. Gary

      I’m white I swear we not all like this 😭

    42. That Boytre

      That lady said he finna get robbed🤣 no tf he ain’t he finna be the one robbin💯

    43. jean houellemont

      The pain in his voice always gets to me 🔥🔥🔥

    44. EJ Martinez

      when dat white girl started saying i don’t understand the need to flex I was fuckin screaming I was like of course you don’t you can’t relate to what he came from

    45. Nansel 00

      This video got me angry🤬🤬🤬🤬

    46. ImClawzyy

      😭 y’all got me dead .. talking bout “only black ppl understand” 😂

    47. new phone who dis

      Part 2

    48. Dzenan Cerimagic

      Why not flex when you’re worth millions as a teenager

    49. Joshua Kimble

      haters if u was rich you would flex to

    50. Luis Hernandez

      Did you know that Don was in 60 days in

    51. Janya Jenkins


    52. Yb Brayden

      He grew up like that he ain’t pretending it’s his reality

    53. Doomsdayman 321

      React to Rico’s story

    54. Dan Bryant

      Of course he's gonna be angry it he got shot 3 times in the head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    55. jade da kidd

      I can truly tell every one hated him based off of his actions and words thats sad😔😔

    56. TayeMusic ThaG.O.A.T!

      Thats why we need more positivity out there in the music industry!! Like this !!

    57. Mariah Mcgary

      The girl in the red shirt dose not know what she is talking about and can’t judge nobody because they went to jail and it’s a lot of things I could say about her but going to keep it cute and classy you probably don’t understand because it’s not you generation but love the rest of y’all keep doing what y’all do

    58. Estevan Anguiano

      Do Roddy Ricch next!!!

    59. Ezra Miller

      They don't understand the pain and strughle

    60. Dark_Sunny Boi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="413">6:53</a> they ain’t playing

    61. heading home

      I'd make sure the house was clean, mom.

    62. Sydney Mckinney

      Y’all should do parents react to ynw melly

    63. vHachii YT

      Shit piss me off everytime I watch

    64. WL Gaming


    65. Makiya Mcgee

      Sry but the lady in the red blew tf outta me.

    66. Eli Deaton

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="123">2:03</a> wut song

    67. Eto

      Young boy is the goat!

    68. Eto

      Why do I heard tools judging

    69. Campbell Quire

      U can’t get it less u from the hood white or black but the bald dude got it

    70. Travis Bowen

      They are young

    71. Daisy

      Song titles?????!

    72. Ben Arev

      do lil tjay

    73. Mystiic

      Ion like that girl in the red, she is profiling him and making everything negative when he has good lyrics

    74. claire Hogan


    75. Gianna Giordano

      the white guy with the enemies shirt on says he dosent understand why people from the projects flex their shit 😭

    76. Dillon Michael Gousby

      The white woman talkin like they kno what they talkin bout😭😭

    77. Rightback Jose

      Bro i watch this an hate white ppl more an more💀

    78. Dee Simmons

      She said paparazzi are his “buddies” she jus don’t know yb 🤦🏾‍♂️

    79. Ai Retross

      Drug gangs😂

    80. Boogie Contario

      karen is upset