POV | Brittany Broski and Mitchell Crawford

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    POV | Brittany Broski and Mitchell Crawford
    Brittany Broski plays a cast member of Love Island and Mitchell Crawford tries to teach his Southern mom how to use TikTok. Which point of view made you laugh?
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    1. Shahad

      She’s awesome

    2. mads vlogs

      The love island one 😂 why is that so accurate 😂😂

    3. Nathan Morgan

      Southern one was everything

    4. Maddie Carradine

      Why only 9 comments lol

    5. wishing

      wow barely any comments

    6. Olivia Adams

      Wait why are there only 7 comments omg I love your videos so much!!

    7. Yuri Chan

      Early! I love flighthouse.,! It always made my day!

    8. Nobody.

      Early 💕

    9. Kayla Bierei

      Brittany's Love Island impression is EVERYTHING

    10. Midas Mischief

      Early 11 minutes ago 3 comments 10 likes 1 dislike whilst I'm watching this

    11. Gabriela Munoz

      Ist so fuuny

    12. Metodij Ivanov

      Im first please heart

      1. Maddie Carradine

        Sry but no ur not

    13. Tekken Gt