PRINTABLE Pattern For Face Mask FREE! 😍 Try this Reversible Face Mask DIY!



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    Download reversible face mask pattern:
    Learn how to make a fabric face mask at home easy and how to sew face mask cloth with this printable pattern for face mask FREE, and the best thing is reversible face mask DIY! Since this cotton cloth mask making isn’t for surgical mask design, you can use any fabric you like to make this fabric face mask DIY. How to make reversible face mask DIY if the size is too small? You can also modify the size of this cloth mask DIY to make you more comfortable with this fabric mask DIY. If you don’t have a sewing machine to sew face mask pattern, you can hand sew fabric mask or hand stitch face mask. Cloth mask making at home and cotton fabric mask making at home is so easy and fun for beginners, especially with reversible face mask pattern provided!
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    Happy crafting with your endless brilliant ideas!
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    1. Trisa Novia

      Download reversible face mask pattern:

      1. martha hitt

        I can't print the pattern 😣

      2. Amelia Thames

        Great mask

      3. Sophia's Art

        Hi @Anjurissa can u give exact dimensions plz.

      4. Louise Schley

        Thanks for this pattern

      5. Cyndi Gutierrez

        This was very helpful. Thank you😷✌💗💗💗

    2. margaret Grigor

      I really didn't think I could do it. I did and they are beautiful!!! I haven't sewn in thirty years Trisa, YOU ARE AWESOME TEACHER!!!!!!!

    3. ak bunny

      Excellent pattern and tutorial, thank you so much.......!x

    4. Margaret Perkins

      I am going to try this, and I NOT a sewer!!

    5. Rosely Martinak

      Do you have a pattern for different sizes (toddler, child, adult, adult large)?

      1. Anjurisa

        Hi. You can try this

    6. nadinetakara

      I sent your video to my friend. Your mask is closest to the ones I make and yes they do fit well although none are one size fits all at least in this style. God bless you and keep safe.

    7. The Queen

      Why is the mask pattern so small when you print it out. Do I need to enlarge the pattern.

    8. Debbie Fowler

      Excellent and simple instructions! Thank you for sharing! I do have a do you enlarge pattern before printing?

      1. Anjurisa

        From the scale set up before printing :)

    9. Julia Bowhay

      Easy to make and fits well. Have made several for family and friends, and all very pleased.

    10. Jane Scott

      This was a brilliant pattern and tutorial. I’ve made 20 masks so far and they’re a much better fit than the pleated variety.

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    12. Aasan Pakwan.S.L


    13. Jane Whitworth

      Thank you for this great pattern and instructions. You have saved me hours of time. You need a special thank you for helping everybody keep safe at present. THANK YOU!!

    14. Joel Toledo

      newbie here , this is my first time here watching your crafts . i watch your headband tutorial lately and after i've watch it, i make one for my daughter and its really nice ,thank you p.s just using my brothers Yt account😇

    15. Esme Luna

      how do I print the pattern

      1. Anjurisa

        Hi, the pattern is available in the description. It's scaled 100%

    16. Edna Nagy

      I agree, Sasha, this IS by far the easiest, best fitting face mask I have made, yet!

    17. Deb Cupples

      Nice job on the tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to make the video and share it with us. :)

    18. Mel I

      Where do you get all your pretty fabric prints?

    19. Sherry Philson

      Thank you. Really like this mask!!!

    20. Sarah Palo

      May i know wat kind of fabric did you use?its beautiful.

    21. Gina Metz

      My first mask turned out ok but it seems pointy over my mouth area and it appears that yours fits more snug. Any suggestions on how to correct that? I also have to create mine larger than the pattern.

      1. Anjurisa

        Try this pattern

    22. Tam

      I like it...simple and easy to follow...

    23. Preetika Rao

      Very informative video, thank you !!!

    24. Lisa Bartlett-Kliever

      I have not sewed with a machine since 10th grade! This project was so easy due to the clear step by step diections!! Thank you!!

      1. Anjurisa

        Thanks for watching :)

    25. MIRELLA Silva


    26. MIRELLA Silva


    27. izzy forever


    28. angel johannsen

      how about with pocket for filter? how to do it?

    29. Josefina Dequito

      Yes this is my face's so easy to sew and it's reversible if you use another cloth on the other side

    30. The Julz to Life

      New sub here thanks for sharing so easy to follow

    31. Lolita Dundas

      And please for the measurement and the drafting i don't have a printer

    32. Lolita Dundas

      Thanks for the tutorial i like how you put and sew the elastic thats so simple

    33. Cristina Antoniuc

      Very clear and helpful tutorial. Thank you

    34. Abimbola Badiru

      I love your method so much.Just found your channel, subscribed,liked,and am already in love with it.Lol.I like your voice too.Thank you.

    35. Alicia Cruz

      I made one today and it is perfect , Ty so much for this awesome mask, blessing your way

    36. Jeremy A

      Simple and easy to make. Thanks.

    37. Du Ngoạn Tube

      Hi. Thanks for sharing. I have compare different kinds of face mask and found the best filter of them...

    38. Gloria Alvarez

      Las medidas en español x favor

    39. Ayako Morino

      I added a nose bridge so it would stay on a bit better. Thank you so much for the tutorial.

    40. A's Garden jaye arredondo

      This is the best tutorial I've seen so far! Thank you. My daughter loves her mask 👍💕

      1. Anjurisa

        So happy to know that ♡ stay safe

    41. Sheila Marie

      What fabric did you use?

      1. Anjurisa

        soft cotton

    42. Roza

      This is what i am looking for, thank you so much.


      This is by far the best I've seen so far, well done. You could also modify to have ties if you wanted. Love it.

    44. Angela Bosak

      Do you have a pattern for a mask that is child sized?

      1. Anjurisa

        Hi. Try this

    45. Gina Pedraza

      Thank you for making this video!! It was so easy. I made 2 face mask!

    46. momster

      Does anyone know how to modify it to put in a filter?

      1. Anjurisa

        Hi. You can check this video

    47. Naomi Ringa

      You should give the measurement.

    48. Hanna Anything's Vlog

      thank you for sharing i love your videos

    49. Christie jones

      Love this video I dont usually leave reviews but this was verry helpful thank you!

      1. Anjurisa

        Thank you ♡

    50. loopiesounds2

      Thank you so simple and comfortable to wear. I made the pattern a bit bigger and swapped the elastic out for ribbons.

    51. Lorrie Short

      ok I am not much of a sewer but when I pring this it seems very small. HELP

    52. Andrew Seelig

      Can you please post WRITTEN/PRINTABLE instructions?

    53. Katherine Quaintance

      Thanks for this. Would you leave a gap at either end if you want to insert a filter?

    54. Monny SILVA

      Excelente yes 👏👏👍👍🧵🧵

    55. Koena P

      I've done this and added a 3rd layer very easy, Thank you

    56. Daniel Biney

      Good work it was easy to learn

    57. Cheryl Yankosky

      very nice and looks so easy THANKS!

    58. kathy carter

      very easy to follow thank you!

    59. Agusanon in Germany

      How did you make the pattern? I mean the curve one? I don't get it. 🤔

    60. Barbie Darling

      Thank you so much for sharing! This is the best pattern

    61. christine p

      where did you buy the fabric? i love it

      1. christine p

        Anjurisa thank you

      2. Anjurisa

        Hi, you can find the fabric here they have a wide selection of flower pattern and it's so cute, check out the other catalog :)

    62. Taylor Bieber

      what are the two squares on the pattern? the 1 inch and the 1cm squares?

      1. Anjurisa

        It should be 1cm and 1inch when you print out

    63. Happiness Journal

      Hi. What is the length from side to side? It's not in the pattern. Thanks

    64. Tech Corner

      How did you enlarge the patten by 1/4 inch, etc?

    65. sjgarces

      Nice tutorial very easy to follow and simple! Thank you!

      1. Anjurisa

        You're welcome!

    66. Gentlespirit ifezue

      Perfect and straight forward... you're blessed. Thanks

    67. Paul Lutes

      what is the length of the elastic bands

    68. Barbara Ayala

      How can anyone down this video ... it's simple and easy Thanks for sharing. I'm going to try it :-)

    69. Татьяна Васильева

      Спасибо.ты лучшая.москва

    70. Sarene Robinson Alexander

      hhheeellllooooo ☺️

      1. Anjurisa


    71. Laura C

      I have such a hard time doing things using just video instructions. Is there written instructions for this anywhere? Or something like this? Thank you so much for this video you've helped so many people just from my looking at the amount of comments!!

    72. niyaha

      A pretty and quite easy mask! It Tool me about 10 Minutes with a Machine

      1. Anjurisa

        That's great!

    73. Kay Hunter

      Great video very easy to follow. Thank you

    74. Bandit’s Mom

      I was looking for one with a filter. This seems simple. Maybe I will add one layer of shopping bag material. Thank you!

      1. Bandit’s Mom

        I made this, adding 3/4 “ around the edges. I added 8” loops of elastic. I have a large head and it doesn’t quite fit me, but it will probably fit the friend I made it for. I made darts in a 2” square of grocery tote material as a filter, and attached it to the middle interior of the mask, but I don’t think she was too happy. Maybe she will like the one with the pocket better. Thank you!

      2. Anjurisa

        Hi. You can try this with filter pocker :)

    75. Bill & Gloria Taylor

      Deaconess facemask

    76. Sherry Green

      Very easy to follow and turns out great!! *****

    77. Erlinda Reyes


    78. Covid-19 Alert App

      thaanks for offering the download.

    79. Devra Doiron

      OMG, you are amazing, Anjurisa! I've watched a zillion mask tutorials and tried so many patterns, but none of them even come close to your template and technique! You presented several shortcuts, and the finished mask fits much better than all the others. Finally no gaps on the sides!! Your pattern fits my small face perfectly, and also my husband's larger face. It's even easy to insert a wire at the top for a better seal (so eyeglasses don't fog). I'm making masks for charity as fast as I can, and your techniques cut my time per mask in half! Thank you so much!!!

    80. Terri Cornacchia

      Thank you very much