Sammie Lewis and ImPatman | Finish the TikTok Lyric

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    Sammie Lewis and ImPatman | Finish the TikTok Lyric
    Sammie Lewis, (Here's the mftea) and Patman put their skills to the test to play this weeks, Finish the TikTok Lyric. I'm here for the collaboration. 🙏
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    1. Gacha Guilty

      😂 for the longest time I thought thot was a bad word!!!!

    2. Natali Urushadze


    3. Imigram

      Pls do the lana del ray song which is trending now called queen of disaster

    4. Jakob Desanandreas

      The og queen of tik Tok every body

    5. Karime Venegas

      OMG so funny 😂

    6. Hatsa Hutser

      Who are those people ? I have never seen them😂

      1. Tricia Fradrick


      2. Hatsa Hutser

        Kween Karlie omg she is changed😂

      3. Kween Karlie

        She’s the girl that says here’s the mother f-ing tea

      4. Soraya rezaie


      5. Dimpy singh

        You don't know them you're not a true til tok addict😂

    7. jblaze519

      Flighthouse TikToks Is the best creator for tiktok compilation videos. I actually created my own channel ( BNINJAZ ) to show even more tiktok compilation! Come check it out and i will always follow back.

    8. Fred Okeke

      Omg i'm so freaking early

    9. Cutie Millie


    10. Narek Barseghyan


    11. Deema Almanaseer


    12. Wal Law


    13. Aycko


      1. Strangerthings3fan75 Met Nillie

        Nyan twinz me?

      2. Nyan twinz

        That's on tiktok. Dont bring it to youtube

      3. Strangerthings3fan75 Met Nillie

        Aycko no one cares😊