Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Impressions: 108 Megapixels!

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

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    Galaxy S20 Ultra is the "pro" of Samsung's lineup.
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    1. angger prabowo

      When people expected for s11, Samsung Made s20 :D

    2. Steve Rera

      I am going for the S20+ because I think after awhile with having the ultra that HUGE camera bump will start to annoy the heck out of me but this is making me leave my pixel to retire

    3. Albastine S.

      People need to stop throwing money at flagships. $1400 for a phone that will be topped in a year is stupid. At this point smart phones are commodities. The flagships dont actually net you anything than luxury and brand. Mind you, you can buy a used S9 for sub $200 pretty easily.

    4. Albastine S.

      Why the fuck arent your videos doing 60fps?

    5. Bill Overbeck

      I'm not buying anything without an S-pen

    6. Lux Vita

      Just give a thicker phone and remove the camera bumps? Could have been a 6000 amp battery they are already so thin k with a case sure it would be way to thick but not every one is so unlucky or stupid to drop his phone

    7. Levi Smith

      I hope you do a giveaway, with my wedding coming up my wife to be will only let me get this phone if I win it 😂

    8. Sr Darwin

      Lol u are a Apple Lover !!!!!

    9. ceerw buty

      iphone 11pro max: no one can beat me Samsung s20 ultra: hold my beer..

    10. Zaynab Abdullah

      back still confused..this it too much tech talk for myself

    11. Rawand

      when a phone has more ram than your gaming laptop

    12. Deadolan Plowart

      1:28 nice

      1. ceerw buty

        i wanna know where he got this shirt, its dope.

    13. Max Prehl


    14. Jin Lee

      this phone actually has better specs than my computer. That's crazy.

    15. Brad Scott

      1:29 & 1:35: u missed the perfect opportunity to say "nice"

    16. David Collins

      Yo I'm just going to wait until 2022 until the s20 ultra is being sold for $700

    17. Yogi Mate

      Man the audio in this is satisfying.

    18. Christian Örså

      These prices are just ridiculous

    19. Ronak Santilale

      This phone has more RAM than NASA had on all the Apollo missons combined... Its storage is also triple the storage the Soyuz missions had available until the breakup of the Soviet Union...

    20. Armando & Sabrina Aguilar

      That camera thing on the back is hideous

    21. sasi kiran

      Samsung s20: zoom 100x Iphone 12 : microscope

    22. Pulkit Dhiman

      *I doubt the battery would last even 15 hours. With 6.9" Screen and 200+ Hz refresh rate, one would need power bank all the times*

    23. Senad Music

      My only issue is for 1399 you have to provide more than 3 years of slow software updates. It's ludicrous at this point to think otherwise! -still want the phone though

    24. myfastgti07

      Pretty much $1,000 of camera and $400 of actual phone. This is made for women who spent their lives taking pictures of themselves and their meals.

    25. Elroy Knight

      Why didn’t they just add a pen and call this the note?

    26. Joshua Rogowski

      still wanna know where he bought this shirt

    27. Joshua Rogowski

      i wanna know where he got this shirt, its dope.

    28. bhakto ka papa

      my samsung s8 plus phone is still best phone in the world.

    29. the best youtuber

      So samsung makes a 2000 dollar phone and they dont include the samsung buds +, well they are fucking greedy

    30. 2011SHACK

      Jordan 1🔥😍😍😍

    31. Meet Patel


    32. Ankur Kumar

      It has 108 MP wide angle camera..u r wrong 🙄

    33. Derrick Cruz

      Give away that phone to me please😂

    34. Ian Robinson

      Lens is irrelevant. It’s the sensor that creates the quality and phones can only accommodate a teeny tiny sensor.

    35. Jose Ferreira

      So looks like samsung completed the oven range

    36. ImperatorJoni

      Razer phone 2 had that display 1-2 years before the samsung s20 ultra! (Watching on my razer phone 2)

    37. Krotiz

      Honestly the only thing I'm pissed about is the MASSIVE phone size. I wish the S20 Ultra came in a 6.1 inch size or 5.9, my current S9+ is already hard to use with one hand. I wish phones were more small-hand friendly, shit fucking sucks.

    38. Umair Mohammed

      Used to be something called a 7" laptop...

    39. رضا ميديا Rida Media

      اكيد اكو عرب 😂

    40. Cristian Viliga

      This one run AUTOCAD or ARCHICAD ?! Or maybe CATIA ? LOL

    41. foootham

      I'm not coming back!

    42. Toybanaza

      I got mines pre-ordered through an upgrade program so I'm getting the phone for like £800 because I can trade in my Samsung S9+ to get a £100 discount + the extra £200 O2 is giving me and the phone is like £1,200 here in the UK.

    43. Otto Tv

      Everytime a galaxy comes out : This is the best display ever

    44. foopyu nooui

      Now canon and Nikon should add a mobile features on their camera’s

    45. Sachin Rajeev

      Maybe the phone should be called the "S20 Ultra Flex"

    46. Waggehful

      I'm still running my galaxy s8, but shes getting slow and the battery drains faster these days. Eyeing the s20+ probs keep it 4g too

    47. Robert T Bird

      Sounds and looks awesome, can't wait for it to hit the shelves!!!

      1. Robert T Bird

        @foopyu nooui It might look similar to other phones. But did you listen to all the specs it has. Also check out what it can do on the official Samsung website!

      2. foopyu nooui


    48. Amir Gal Philos

      Samsung: let's release a 1399$ phone to all these broke tech enthusiasts. Us geeks that wanna support advancements in technology: well that wasn't very plus ultra of you

    49. J Jj

      Funniest thing about all this is people buy these phones an barely use 5 percent of the functions the phone has to offer especially for the amount you paid ... only just to say we have thr newest phone... I have the 9 plus an still havent used all the abilities to it

    50. Yusuf Abdalla

      Did NOT watch the other vid

    51. Strix Vision

      do you think that the s20 ultra will work fine with the osmo 3 gimbal?

    52. Manish Deotale

      @marques: Please upload the Camera Comparison with other flagships!!! This would great help

    53. Milen Radanov

      I have noticed that MKBHD from an impartial assessor had become iPhone fan and Samsung hater. I watch the videos because I hope he would get out of this enchantment but I notice the opposite - the enchantment goes deeper.

    54. Muhammad Sadiq

      Huawei : 50x zoom Samsung : 100x zoom Again huawei : 500x zoom Again samsung : 1000x zoom Apple : hold my 2x zoom

    55. EviLToSs

      when a phone gets better than your old shitty desktop pc, you might should upgrade your desktop pc :P

    56. LOKESH hrx

      Can you give me this mobile i must need this

    57. Gennaro

      iPad will gonna be a pocket phone

    58. awesome369

      Why don't you record 60fps for particular videos?

    59. Akash Mponline

      Please Give Me.......My Contact No.+91-9993275521 Please Sir

    60. emile winworth

      Lots of phone tech is boring. What will I be doing with 16GB of RAM on a phone? Crappy isn't it!