Stop Using Zoom.



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    1. EPIC12EPIC

      My parents wanted me to have it so I put it in my virtual machine

    2. ThatCarGuy yes

      My teachers use discord

    3. Flakoik

      People: okay discord, hangouts or google meets? Teachers: none, zoom

    4. Iska Mag

      i can’t stop using zoom bc school forces

    5. Nancy Drew

      Just use Microsoft Teams guys. Fucking hate these Uber popular applications.

    6. WantingWins TY

      Oh come on just use discord its the best

    7. Loshan Parajuli

      Gosh...just subbed your 3 channel and then found this one........

    8. Devesh Sharma

      Please explain this to our teachers

    9. kian_mhmdyyy

      we use teams,

    10. Braća Kyler

      Zoom is PC edition of COVID-19

    11. matt miller


    12. Higgles

      how did you know my name?

    13. Paul Eden Assoua

      ummmm linux edition

    14. Drinking With Beeh

      mostly him looking money and views ,,,, skip

    15. OBLIVION 43

      Yeah , zoom sucks. It sucks up all your devices audio and information.

    16. XLattePain and Kfaseuy’s Roblox adventures

      My fucking school watched it and said it’s fake if they read this then go fuck your fucking fuck fuck face

    17. v6FiRE !

      imagine using zoom this post was made by the discord gang also my school blocked discord i hate you

    18. Amestriol The Troll

      Microsoft Teams is the best in my opinion.

    19. Disha K

      Imma send this to mah teachers

    20. Denba

      Schools: No, I don't think I will.

    21. Raven Renders

      One day I hope schools will switch to discord. Maybe us students can teach our teachers something this time.

    22. Cat 222

      G O O G L E M E E T

    23. 7oh4nn 1s C00L

      Use VPN and Protect your Privacy and what VPN means?

    24. 2wheelphoto

      Yeah their servers are in China 🇨🇳!!!!

    25. Postcat MCV

      use discord

    26. K4l3l

      My friend's online classes use google classroom for us? School is finished for uss

    27. rsanjur

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="207">3:27</a> little Linus!

    28. Genesis Tumacder

      Zoom apparently does not allow good seamless music performance ...terrible!!! Murdered a performance using a soundcard , guitar..

    29. D E Q U

      Gonna send this to my teacher

    30. youtube rewind


    31. 丨几千丨几丨ㄒㄚ


    32. ElectriX

      Okay how did you know my class uses zoom?

    33. Spot All

      100% free coursera

    34. Bash A.

      Most of the video has nothing to do with zoom! disliked.

    35. Mića Mače

      Me living in a poor country using google classroom 😎

    36. The Real Insertuser

      i was using cisco webex meetings.. @-@

    37. Alien #001

      Teachers: Zoom. Students: Discord? Teachers: *Zoom.* Students: ... Why not at least Google Classroo- Teachers: *ZOOM* Students: But- Teachers: *Z O O M*

      1. J-Bee Burrows

        @Nostalgic User 🤣🤣🤣

      2. ジェイフィルム【 J A Y F I L M S 】

        Luckily our teacher uses Google Meet

    38. MightyJKF

      I wish all schools would use Skype, not Discord because teens are going to use profiles that aren’t appropriate for school, and send images that aren’t appropriate for school too.

    39. Mistia QwQ

      my school: microsoft teams me: why am I here?

    40. the rat cat plays

      Teachers: Hippty hoppity what you call zoom is now my property

    41. Tech Zachary ZN

      My school uses google meeting, but some of the people in my class do use zoom for other things, and also me.

    42. Mango time!

      Anyone using google meeting now?

    43. SandboxArrow

      Discord is better than Zoom!

      1. MightyJKF

        SandboxArrow I want all Online schools to use Skype because teens are going to use inappropriate profile pictures and also send inappropriate pictures on Discord.

    44. Diana Diana

      Online school is shit!

    45. Diana Diana

      Yeah and my English teacher is "so smart" because she told me that I MUST create an account on this shit to pass my exams.

    46. Miner Td

      Am screwed BECUZ our school uses zoom and every times I tell them to not they don’t believe me am really screwed

    47. The Creativist

      This is 80% ads, what was the topic again?

    48. The Woman Behind the slaughter

      Meanwhile, my schools prefers Google Meet.

    49. M P

      You are all stupid using zoom owned by the Chinese wake up

    50. galaxy guy

      I can't stop Using, I'm having fun, and my school uses it

    51. Iquitytlooololol

      I screen shared a meme video in zoom and my teacher was like *WHO DID THAT*

    52. Computer Geek Tech

      Awesome content! We created a similar video on Why Multiple Companies are Banning Zoom. Check it out here:

    53. Voxel Music

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="144">2:24</a> Can we all agree that "upside down linus" is one of the most cursed images ever (If you look at it upside down)

    54. Dharamvir Yadav

      Uh my school changed to hangouts meet Cool right

    55. Vanilla - Chan

      My school uses this thing called Cisco Webex

    56. Andy Rosene

      The Li'l Cal in the profile pics

    57. Hi There

      i need to use zoom today for my piano lesson

    58. thewittywhy gaming

      Dear teachers: If you use zoom over discord, your students have every right to hate your fucking guts.

    59. Hanro50

      Use bloody Discord. You can set up a server in 30 minutes flat...I know because my local Highschool now uses Discord. Got to them before Zoom did. Plus my mother is a teacher so...

    60. Hanaa Abualizz

      𝙸 𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚘𝚞𝚝 😕

    61. Carlos Rojas

      Zoom is the best!!!

    62. BrandoBruh

      This video: *exist* Teachers: im gonna pretend that I didn’t see that

    63. Sam

      discord for life

    64. Light Zeroes

      Lmao i convinced my teacher to do Alt and f4 my class fucking lose it

    65. Stevey 420ツ

      My school:let me introduce myself

    66. Fre Sch

      Linus how many channels do you own? Damn Cant subscribe to them all man

    67. ed966 Power

      Guys if you have a computer then start using virtualbox for zoom because it safer then your desktop. So used VPN for safety.

    68. Kevin Uibu

      But why wont we all use minecraft education edition

    69. ANDYHOT

      Tell this to my teachers

    70. Tyler Blevins

      Sorry Ms. Mathers, LinusSexTips told me not to use zoom, so I can’t join your class, sorry.

    71. Christian jason

      Zoom PANDAMIC

    72. Sir Chimpy

      Tech channel... Has shoe company sponsor

    73. Yuvraj Vashishth

      Why is this guy in literally every tech related video?? Techquickie, this channel and Linustechtips. Like bro how many of these channels do ya own??

    74. chris kros387

      Wtf did the comments place change!

    75. _Little Hedgehog_

      Show this to my teachers.

    76. ProKevinPlayz

      Did anyone else see a linus ad on this video

    77. The Doge Gamer

      A couple of days ago some random kid joined my sisters class.

    78. Emerald Kidd

      I literally got an ad starring him on this video holy crap

    79. Theodore Eicher

      Hangouts is totally cool in my opinion.

    80. Johnny Boi Films

      Cough *discord* cough