Sub Urban Reacts to "Cradles" Fan Videos

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    Sub Urban Reacts to "Cradles" Fan Videos
    Sub Urban reacts to fan videos of his number one song, Cradles and shares the origin story of the Fortnite dance.
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    1. Britt Wolfe

      Sub Urdan: ...but I want to believe it.. Believe in what u want to believe in ppl can't judge u for that..🤗

    2. Rafoel Sandan

      Oh S**tTok

    3. Mia Gonzales

      I whant to belive it too 😇✌😄

    4. ガミ市に

      Danny maisonneuve 😍

    5. kylox Co

      Fuck fortnite it's now dead

    6. Arturo Morales

      No entendí ni madres pero lo ví hasta el final jajaja

    7. CLIMPUS

      Why tf is this shit vertical. I dont have eyes vertically sorry.

    8. lui parkinson.

      щиток,лол,вот что слышу я)))0))0)

    9. Eli Baldwin

      The egg tik tok is real

    10. tayla watt

      Hey Sub urban in 2020 remember when you said dis "DIDNT U HEER THE BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK PART" -Sub urban 2020 guys

    11. Katherine Bradford

      So short 😢

    12. Alicia Olmos

      No hablo inglés

    13. Lexi Garcia

      I would love to date him

    14. UwUz 4 Life

      I really need to stop crushing on Sub! Lol

    15. FaZe_SavageYT

      You remind me of flamingo

    16. Avril Kawaii

      he should also react to the fan animations instead of tiktoks

    17. Ayush Bhardwas

      that parents thing was sooooo true

    18. MimikKid05

      This video 3 months old and he’s saying Dream Feet from fortnite is a copy cuz of the beat and timing of the sound and his friend added kicks too complicated for that and now we have the emote Springy to mimic that now 😂

    19. Thalia Silva

      Que lindo que ele é nao sei o que ele fala mais ta dimais ♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥soi fã

    20. Cindy Yaa

      If it was to much to have dog why can't get one without your mum and dad knowing sub urban

    21. GABU Rin

      Omg he is so funny like in a naturally way, love it !!

    22. Ink Sans

      “Welcome to *shittok* Me -“I like him already -^-“

    23. kasi yati

      Oh, his toxic :/ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="24">0:24</a>

    24. Thizah Kauanny

      Não entendi nada 😁😁😁 quem acha esse menino lindo kkk

    25. Fragmented Memories System

      I'd like Sub Urband to react to the At Lojart animation of Cradles' song uwu

    26. El inspector de gordas

      Lol, he needs to see the animation memes *_shit tok xd_*

    27. Cokie Martinez

      He: shit Editor:no #### is best

    28. CookiezinhaBlox

      onde estão os _br?_

      1. caly s.a

        eai kkk

    29. Erika Chavez

      Love you💖.Wish I could meet you

    30. Lillian S.

      Is it just me, or is Sub Urban so freaking adorable?! Oh s* go off queen!!!!!!!!

    31. Flixxxyz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="54">0:54</a>

    32. Flixxxyz


    33. nuza Ccf

      Sub Urban is just so *CUTE*

    34. xil yno

      His energy 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    35. Cool Guy

      Huh, fast video..

      1. Cool Guy

        Yeah weird huh friend

    36. Random User

      I love him.

    37. ArX - Kazan Dibi

      First: Musically Next: TikTok Finally: *ShitTok*

    38. mouny army bts

      He is cute

    39. Silas Santos

      Hahaha $h!t tok

    40. Pokemon Seller

      Sub urban:Hi I'm Sub urban and your watching $#!Tok

    41. RCYBER_X04

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="46">0:46</a> *Cancer*

    42. RCYBER_X04

      Yes SHIT TOK, I’m gonna call it that now

    43. Lord Spece

      You should react to lojarts cradles animation

    44. Freaking Tuber

      He doesn't match the deep voice

    45. david zamora

      I dont thougt that his voice are like that

    46. KennyHax, Hacker


    47. moheeb roblox

      I like cradles I listen to it only I wish if I can meet him

    48. arKan SMC

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="45">0:45</a> Wait?. No no noooo

    49. Cool wolf Della The furry

      He says f$#@ and s#*$

    50. Ryu

      Sub Urban is funny as Shit

    51. Raydawn Gaming

      Š#!tTok people be like: *Who's this kid judging our videos?*

    52. Roblox Fan

      Cradles is scary song

    53. Animelover 69

      Fuck count

    54. Abir Mawi

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="24">0:24</a> Sub didnt give a shit he were like oh yes go queen I was dying 😂💯

    55. Salted Coconut

      He looks like Adam Driver...

    56. Yo Xd

      Es bellisimo uwu❤️

    57. Alvaro Benavidez

      Lol shittok

    58. bullseye nicj

      "Holy shit oh fuck go off queen" was amazing

    59. LxL Fangsz

      *We got him*

    60. Matteo Lagla

      No se inglés

    61. Frenchie frenchee

      Damn, Nigga you was swearing yo ass off! 🤣

    62. •milan marshall•

      Sub urban:shittoks

    63. Haui Huerta


    64. Wreckless Institution

      He's charming and weird in the best possible way. 😩

    65. Sunneh · mations

      I did one ;-;

    66. glocc

      This guy is true

    67. Scarlet Nick


    68. Abnormally long leaf

      I just watched him on react and he made me laugh a lot, so i searched for interviews, how am I just learning this, he's HELLA funny

    69. Thanos

      Sub Urban: *Sing And dances* Tik Tok : hipoti bipoti this is now my property

    70. Ang Rogfr


    71. senna l

      When he said "It wasn't too much trouble to have a best friend" I felt that

    72. anika

      i just WANNA BE HIS FRIEND

      1. Nani Hine

        Ikr he's so funny. I'm sure he'd be really fun and exciting to hang with

      2. MoNiKa


    73. matt aguinaldo

      doez sub urban play fortnite?

    74. tonicor

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="22">00:22</a> what is he talking about??

    75. 6S Soro

      It Wasn't Trouble To Have A Friend

    76. Athena James

      Wow why didn't he do the whip this time? LMAOO

    77. dee

      his personality alone is entertaining

    78. Ilia Ayala

      Yo al ver el título del vídeo :v A caray eso sí me interesa jpg.

    79. AQXA Brey

      2020 anyone?

    80. o:

      Fuck off tik tok stupids