The Morons Of Coronavirus



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    1. Abduxp

      they should take his product. for over pricing as punishment

    2. John John

      These people are absolutely brain-dead. What a bunch of callous ass idiots. As someone with a sick mother is she gets this and dies ill blame it on retards like that. RIP society as we know and to think the reason were all screwed is because of just a few of of us is sad and scary. When will this shit end and what price will we have to pay to get there? Stay safe and corona free guys.

    3. M 21

      2 Tim <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="181">3:1</a>-5

    4. Sauhammi Rennek

      ethan try the titmilk you aid in a video you wanted to try hilas titmilk

    5. Some Guy

      Turns out it kills young healthy people too.👌👌👌

    6. Isky

      Why are you wandering around the screen like a scuffed Rob Dyrdek, who is already scuffed in and of himself.

    7. V!C Awesome

      is it me or did the preacher look creepy with his wet hands and that smile of his

    8. cupcakedevourer12

      Dont blame people eating bats blame the ccp

    9. arkinyte13

      I enjoy the Jim Henson muppet chilling on the couch behind Ethan.

    10. Textual Predator

      *His wife looks like Balki Bartokamous in transition.*

    11. Joselyn Reyes

      I Could not stop laughing lol A1 comedy, missed this!!!!!!

    12. TenTickles


    13. Slumbr Tracks

      My work gave me one of these print out notes to hand to police also if they stop us while working. But I deliver auto parts for auto repair etc. So it is "essential" I guess.

    14. Caid Johnson

      This video makes America the dumbest looking country on earth during this virus outbreak.

    15. Mr. Ultimo

      It takes A world ending epidemic so they can upload here

    16. Slurpwis

      Ethan are you ok? You look awfully grey.

    17. mnmsaregood1

      I saw a lady at target using a diaper as a face mask.

    18. ippos_khloros

      The fact that televangelists aren't regularly rounded up by lynch mobs reduces my faith in humanity.

    19. Isabelle

      Ok but can u guys talk about how Ed kinda turned out to be controlling, insecure, and selfish? It sucks but I want to hear Hila’s take on it

    20. Sardrellas

      I felt bad for old people before watching this because they are more susceptible and have to deal with young peoples' stupidity. Then I remembered that some of them are fucking loony and will try to defend the idea silver curing corona or Jesus paying your bills. Incomprehensible.

    21. Renegade 9009

      Not a single good looking women in this video except for hila

    22. Danna Mejia

      I been waiting for this

    23. Kitty K

      should've added trisha paytas to this

    24. ⲈⲘⲒⳐ ϝᚱⲀ ⱌεᚣⳚϟⲯssέᛇ

      Says sophisticated europe, shows a clip from england... thats out of sync

    25. 1Bucsbabe

      Disney is closed

    26. 1Bucsbabe

      Ethan have you seen the video on twitter of the Chinese lady buying up all the n95 masks in fla she was laughing and saying they don’t know what’s coming and I’m not leaving a single mask for them. It was infuriating

    27. 1Bucsbabe

      She said inedidable 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    28. Arm chair11

      Natural selection?

    29. Lemon Leaf


    30. BoofBasket

      Kenneth Copeland looks like Henry Waternoose from monsters inc.

    31. andrew guerrero

      Papa johns intro was so intense you can swear he just sniffed a line of that tomatas sauce

    32. mike honcho

      Your job isn't your source, Jesus is your source If I have to give money to jeebus doesn't that make me his source?

    33. Melinda Hofecker

      I live in Europe so it’s my first time seeing him but that television healer guy looks creepy as fuck. His face doesn’t look real, it’s like he’s wearing mask over his real face.

    34. V F

      I love that Ethan actually might have read my comment. I wished for old intro with Papa instead of Michelle.

    35. Ingrima

      That preacher dude is like a villain taken straight out of a superhero movie...just the way he looks and acts, something deeply disturbing about it.

    36. lucifer morningstar

      if you are going to use a bra use the left cup. because if you use the other one you will look like a right tit

    37. Noyma Nes


    38. Bram Arnoes

      Tbh, it's only the UK and the Netherlands who were/are being retards in Europe...

    39. Elise Stine

      hey i mean we need some form of population control idk

    40. yroohj gouy

      All that coughing he does finally actually makes sense for the video

    41. 138abob

      I mostly agree, but... leave game stop alone! The main reason being, I can’t work, I can’t go out, I can’t go to the movies etc. I personally always have a handful of projects or whatnot ready but most people don’t! Games are what people have to do right now! What happens when a kid is trading in his old shit with grandma cause his xbox broke and that’s how he’s entertaining himself, stuck at home. I have a 12 year old and yeah, we keep him buisy, but he loves games! GameStop, to him is THE MOST ESENTIAL thing in the world!!!! Just saying.

    42. HenriK Hald

      Sooo... those youngsters are college students?

      1. HenriK Hald

        @yroohj gouy Sorry, whut? I think you dialed the wrong number...

      2. yroohj gouy

        Stop hoarding your millions of dollars and help us out!!

    43. Josh Parkers

      You know it’s bad when Ethan has time to make a vifeo

    44. venom snake

      If everbody gets it litterally 100 of millions of people would die.

    45. ben f

      I hope all the retarded young kids have asthma. An the hoarder should be forced to donate.

    46. Canidex

      >only affects old people >12 year old with no risk just died in belgium

    47. Caleb Hussey

      That fricking false prophet. Trying to rake in donations in a time like this.

    48. hsjdnd bsjdjens

      You are one of the most racist and nesty person i know

    49. Slitherin Wyvern

      I still can't believe this whole ordeal, these cro-magnons still don't think it's an issue, even with the government scrambling to try and figure something out, among so many other factors that prove them wrong, they still don't acknowledge it as a threat because it hasn't affected them or someone near them. Even if it did, they just don't care, I can't wrap my head around how stupid these bitches have to be.

    50. Brenda O'Brien


    51. Pensfan87

      Ethans had that corona cough for yearrrssss

    52. SkaPanda420

      Tests are available at local plasma centers.

    53. Robil Kesete

      lil sani

    54. The Film Crew

      he should have talked about the guys that said you should not social distance because it would help the economy

    55. weerobot

      Young people die too......Virus has no Morality....They just said old people to stop Mass panic...

    56. evilal20

      The last chick looks like Miss Piggy 😂

    57. Guy Gentleman

      DO NOT associate england with europe they are not part of europe they are absolute idiots

    58. MrSBGames

      Stop hoarding your millions of dollars and help us out!!

    59. nate reim


    60. LIT TTY

      Lil XanyWipe be spittin ngl.

    61. R G

      Ethan turned Rob Deidrick.

    62. Oana Donose

      why you talking of society like you expect something good out of it

    63. alex carter

      Soap & water work better than hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol just sayin'. And masks are important because they stop the *droplets* that people constantly spew. My mask protects you and your mask protects me. Also a mask is really good for reminding yourself not to touch your face.

    64. Rekky

      Ethan: Lets see what going on in Europe **Shows a clip from Liverpool** BRUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    65. Jj sup

      10 months for this shit

    66. Tor Sverre Aspholm

      Your name means cringe in norwiegan

    67. Oskar Bochineck


    68. Hayden Bennett

      The fact that Ethan said *sophisticated* Europe and proceeded to show a video from Liverpool is the funniest thing to me.

    69. 100domathon

      Pandemics bring out the worst of humanity

    70. Junjun

      No. It doesnt kill elderlies only. It kill the weaks as well. Toddlers and youngs with deseases.

    71. Richard Gomez


    72. TheBla1990

      Thank you for mentioning autoimmune deficiency individuals at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="415">6:55</a> minutes. My sister and I both suffer from chronic disorders that fall under autoimmune compromised category, and if we were to acquire this we would most likely not survive it. Especially my sister and she works with thousands of students and faculty, so we have been very grateful to the fact that FL officials have been taking it seriously and have shut down the major cities, and she is safely working from home, unfortunately many others have lost their jobs, but if we don't practice social distancing it will ultimately cost many lives of all ages not just the elderly. We are already looking at 8 strains of the virus that have been mutated as it has spread globally, but there is hope of a vaccine within close to a year, one such vaccine is heading to human trials this upcoming June.

    73. Sean Ferris

      I thought the girl in the thumbnail was Suzie from David's vlog. Just me?

    74. 100domathon

      Love the Papa John intro. His drawl makes this intro even better

    75. Justin Stout

      OUR LORD

    76. Lovely_Trash

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="199">3:19</a> Damn, I've really missed Ethan's coughs lmao

    77. ESME MEZ


    78. Agra Fx


    79. Brandon & Kimber Barkdoll

      We need a follow up interview with all those spring breakers.

    80. Joseph Presley

      after spending days 100 percent gta papa john looks like Michael