THE THIRD WHEEL - Merrell Twins



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    Being the Third Wheel is the WORST!
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    1. merrelltwins

      Have you ever been a third wheel?😭

      1. Bluh Bluh

        All the’s sad 😞 😂 LoL

      2. Cazy Vazquez’s

        merrelltwins all the time (with my friends)

      3. Lecianclaymo Arulanantham


      4. Marley Disney

        merrelltwins ya with my friends

      5. Queen Bee

        did you know that Daniel from cwc crew has a crush on Vanessa Merrel and asked if she would be his valentine!

    2. Braliyah's Corner

      We love you guys! Your videos are so funny! ❤️😁

    3. Jackie Rodriguez

      I love you guys so much you both are such an inspiration I’ve been watching you guys for years

    4. Floria Rains

      I actually though Pika was t real

    5. yourico von hecht

      Spgetty olny thing on the menu here is your salad and Deserts😹😹😹😹

    6. Brandon K

      Look at the first video you made

    7. JiaYi Lei

      This was weird but cool at the same time.😬

    8. William Bradley Jr

      Vanessa the spy ninja Daniel you are his crush

    9. Alexia Murillo

      The merrell twins are so pretty and btw it is weird that they did not do the intro

    10. Amirah akram

      You cab tell its nessa because Pica haa the same nails as her

    11. Sandy Morgan


    12. Christopher Tall

      What do you use for your hair!?! Its so pretty. I'm JELLY!

    13. Erikah Ramos

      I had a feeling that both Vanessa’s were going to be there at the same time......

    14. Erikah Ramos

      That food looks so good!! Lol

    15. Berk&Sin Vlogs

      "You're acting like I have more then three dollars." -Charli D'amelio 2020

    16. Tica Azzy

      Hahaha soo good!!!

    17. Queen Ali

      Tell me why they haven’t gotten an award yet for best acting I’m dedd🤣🤣

    18. khieda Backman

      Yall need to be at the hype house

    19. Tanya Wikens

      Do you know Dan from the spy ninja has a crush on Vanessa He said it in a video

    20. Marley Disney

      Love your videos you inspire me

    21. Sireen Fatima

      'pica' u have a ring in ur hand at 15:39

    22. Fatima Alturkumani

      You guys should do a clay cracking video

    23. FlexinF_elix115

      if ur in a relationship and you have a third wheel, be nice and treat everyone as a homie and no lovey dovey stuff to make the other awkward

    24. Reagan Mays

      omg Vanessa ,Daniel from chad wild clay likes you

    25. Elkin Giwa

      Do the 4th date

    26. consolata nwagwu

      Vanessa if you know Dainel he likes you

    27. Leonator

      Jokes on them, Vanessa is just doing this to get twice the amount of food

    28. Chloe Kao

      Here's your check. Ohh my god.

    29. Cloe Bourque

      You should do a video of your phones

    30. Clémentine Curtis

      I’m only 12 i watch youre videos for sooooo long but yet my mom won’t let me be a very important potato 🥔 but wen i’m older i am definitely going to become one I love youre videos 🖤🔥

    31. Sokhorn Sreng

      vanessa danile hass a crush on you if you dont hnow hoo he is his chanle is called danile🌹🌹🌹you guys shod go on a date😂😂😂

    32. Pearl Gordon

      Venessa Merrell guess what Daniel from the spy ninjas likes u like likes u

    33. Arissa's Life

      *4 years ago* Nessa: Have a date Roni: ion have anyone *Today* Nessa: Picasso is on his way Roni: flirts with aaron Lmao 😂

    34. Catharine Nguyen

      If you have a boyfriend/husband/date’s name is Picasso Valentino burn his house because he never shows up, LIKE, everyday

    35. Only Madi Equestrian

      You guys were in a movie my sister saw it!

    36. Pathfinder Motel

      *Ah, yep. Been there, done that.*

    37. flamingcards fire

      How much did you laugh making this skit?

    38. Janice Centillo

      It's so fanny it's not oviuse

    39. Anjalie

      At the end tho 😂

    40. Plain Screen

      Lol I'm literally gonna eat spaghetti 😂😂

    41. Karen Alexander

      Do more car rides please!

    42. AQ Piano Progress

      not realy

    43. AQ Piano Progress

      i like this

    44. Spriggs Shorty

      i like it .

    45. Libni Cua Tzul


    46. Bravelove3 MSP

      Is everyone just gonna ignore the fact that Daniel (from chads yet channel) likes Vanessa??

    47. rafael gimenez

      OMG you guys are nominated!!! It’s true

    48. Alicja Mrugacz

      They did a mrs doubtfire

    49. i post random songs and videos

      i’m calling brandon

    50. TruthHurtsDiva Stardoll

      Next video can you guys pull an all nighter

    51. Maria Barrera

      Daniel from spy ninjas likes Vanessa

    52. camila Brie

      Vanessa Daniel asked you to be his Valentine on Chad wild clay‘s channel

    53. Aremi Bautista

      Roni is selfish

      1. Namwan Kankularb

        Aremi Bautista how is she selfish

    54. Avery Hall

      Who hear rememberers their first video ❤️

    55. Hollie's House

      You guys should do a face swap for a video

    56. Zubeda Bhana

      Daniel from cwc has a crush on vanessa 😀😀😀

    57. Anisha Jani

      Nessa should have said christian seavy as the name of her date😂

    58. Avneet Jande

      If his name is picasso valentino he will never show up

    59. Daniel Montero

      Hey Merrell twins. I hope you get to read this. I hope one day we get to meet each other. I love you both. And if it's ok, I would love to tell you that you are both beautiful.

    60. Deborah Kinoshi

      hi im really excited to see at vid con