The truth about Kouvr and Alex warren - The Hype House

Dayna Marie

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    Finally opening up about this situation. This video took me hours and hours to film and edit. it was so hard not to cry while watching it... This is a story i will never forget. i was so hurt in every way you could think of. Kouvr took advantage of me and of the way i supported her. I did everything for this girl and i would never think to hurt her. Alex warren was my best friend and a guy i look up too he is a huge inspiration and i truly miss him. I just lost a-little respect for him when he constantly gave kouvr chances after chances. She truly didn't deserve me as a friend and she doesn't deserve Alex warren as her boyfriend. I truly feel if it wasn't for me or Alex..... kouvr wouldn't even be in California. Kouvr, her whole life has only thought for herself and no one else. She needs to start caring about what other people think and feel before she says something. I know exactly how Daisy keech feels and I will stand up for her any day of the week. She doesn't deserve to be treated the way she was by kouvr and the moment I saw her talk to daisy that way made me remember exactly the person kouvr is. Sometimes i wish the whole world would know the true side of her because she isn't the person that everyone thinks she is.
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    1. Olivia Nicholson

      Ik this I kinda late but I hope she got permission from Alex and kouvr to post this and expose their life when they have put it in the past

    2. Brooklyn.99 Watson.

      POV. Your looking for kouver or Alex to comment

    3. Robloxadoptmegirl 101


    4. lindseys world

      I'm still her fan your starting drama

    5. 私 rin

      the fact that people are DEFENDING alex and kouvr because they're all 12 year olds who have to support alex warren because they aren't old enough to watch david eye-

    6. Millie McLeod

      Kover you where so frecken cute then YOU STILL ARE NOW SO don’t come for me

    7. Millie McLeod

      I’m so sorry Alex I still love u 💞💓💘🥵 but u ware so skinny then

    8. No Name

      Kann mir jemand übersetzen?😂

    9. Sienna Yamins

      Ok I know you were mad but you could have been mad for a little while but then you should have helped her because if she couldn’t function, then there must be something wrong

    10. Kimberly

      She sounds like a GOLD DIGGER tbh!🤷‍♀️

      1. Kimberly

        Simply_Devy Yep. Lol

      2. Simply_Devy

        Kimberly kouver ?

    11. Leahana Rutter

      Anyone gonna y’all about the fact that she is talking about other people’s business without there permission and using the hype house in the title for clout...Alex even said this was none of her business to post this without permission....she is literally the definition of a clout chaser

    12. Briana Castellanos

      Past is past and y’all need to stop hating and body shaming people like so what that was so long ago

    13. Lilly Scott

      Kouvr seemed soo different and now that Alex got in her life she... just changed

    14. Carsyn Bowlin

      POV: your scrolling through the comments to see what other people think.

    15. Olivia Bell

      I didn’t know any of this lol I thought kouvr was such a kind person I never would have even THOUGHT that she cheated repeatedly omg I thought they were a power couple holy cow

    16. olivia james

      That's k0vur? The Kovur??

    17. Mariana Luciano

      I hope things are going well for you

    18. Mariana Luciano

      I am so sorry about this

    19. Meadow Barrett

      I am mad 😡 because kouvr is amazing I love her now I know she did that but I still love her I sorry that happened to you 😭

    20. pippa obrien

      the last bit got me crying, hope your ok sis🥺💗

    21. Chloé Soumoy

      You could write a "good" book about this story man...

    22. panda Leah

      Im here for u danna if ur hurt were all. Here for you❤❤❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜💜💜😭😭😭😭ur a amazing friend for being their for anyone i would like to be ur friend aswell

    23. Blacku

      Hey dayna and comments :) I want to say that it’s not right to spread hate to Alex,dayna or even kouvr! It’s not our job all we can do is spread positivity ik kouvr wasn’t a great person but people can change and we need to let them figure it out. Spreading hate is only gonna bring everyone down so let’s do the opposite and be nice to everyone and give everyone love you don’t have to like kouvr, but don’t say “get the f* off this app” it’s mean I know dayna is hurt but I don’t think she wants kouvr to get told to kill her self or leave social media so please stop. 💕☺️

    24. Aubrey Lake

      Now I am never going to look at kovur the same...

    25. Vilje Slettbakk

      I do belive u, but at the same time I don’t, and why didn’t u show us some texts from this Tyler guy?

    26. Why Don't We lover forever

      ok. but this rlly makes me mad lmao. idc how long ago it was poor thing you must need clout. she cheated yes, but ppl make mistakes all the time and she obviously regrets it so why bring up sum from the past? y’all will do anything to get attention. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    27. Tayden Gouws

      Jealousy makes you nasty...🙄

    28. Payten Tallcree

      Wait? What's wrong with kouvr and dayyna? Do they have drama?

    29. Larissa Alves


    30. kyana autman

      It’s ok cause when she die she going to hell and u going to heaven sometimes u have rough times like this but she going to hell idk where Alex going

    31. Valery melgar ramos

      awww at the end she was crying i started crying cuz i felt soooo bad, i feelllll soooo baddd for her

    32. Emily Krieger

      Does no one believe in second chances anymore? Yes what Kouvr did was not ok but she changed her life around and no one deserves to jug someone just because of their past.

    33. Emily Jones

      this is lowkey bothering me “kourv” its kovur 😭😭

    34. Gwenny McCarthy

      I actually started crying in this I cant believe kouvr did that x

    35. Reese Vlogs

      I’ll never look at them the same again

    36. Alicia Pineda


    37. Lily Jones

      Did kouvr and Alex let you talk about this cause it’s not okay without there permission

    38. nahomie’s n.y.

      i'll deadass be your friend dayna cause we need more people like you around😭💛

    39. Tatum Wacholz

      This is just all so sad...

    40. NG Vlogs

      I think I understand why kouvar is mad

    41. Juliette Dallin

      Kouvr* did that I have a completely view on her I always thought she was the sweetest person ever thank you

    42. Anna Cargill

      Pov: your looking for kouvrs comment

    43. Juliette Dallin

      Thank u so much for making this vid I never kovur

    44. Darnell Flowers

      No I don't like you sorry

    45. Aubri Grace

      Props to you for being a good person because clearly you have stayed so kind and sweet so props to you❤️

    46. Yumi Bela

      Im not team kouvr and im not team dayna I dont need teams cuz im just 9yo but i got worried why they hate kouvr cuz i dont know about this and i watched it and im shocked that kouvr did this but thank you for saying.

    47. Go away Go away

      Kouvr and Alex = canceled

    48. Aubrey Ebert

      Seriously u cant just go around and talk about a person's relationship that isnt your own. That's so rude to alex and kouvr. They probs already got over it and your just opening wounds that have healed

    49. Roblox And tik tok girl


    50. Sahro Bootan

      Like wow

    51. Lexie Lynne

      i really really hope you guys find eachother and reconnect. seems like you had a genuine friendship. for the most part.

    52. Brigitte

      Ok I understand that this might be a sensitive topic for her but still if she rlly still loved them she would have showed them tht she is the bigger person and let it go, it’s been 2 yrs and at that time they were like 16/17 everyone makes mistakes and we learn from them. No need to make their lives hell by telling all their dirty secrets. This is just my opinion but she could have also changed the names to be more respect towards their privacy and what was the point of writing the hype house if it’s only about alex and kouvr 🤷🏼‍♀️ im not saying what kouvr did was right but none of us were in their relationship or there at that moment so we don’t know the full story and can’t just believe something coming from social media which is spreading negativity. They still have feelings and it’s their relationship after all it’s their choice to do whatever they want with it. So let them be and stop body shaming them cause it has nothing to do with it 🤦🏼‍♀️

    53. Brianna Campos

      Me looking for k0ver and Alex's comment 👁👄👁

      1. Brianna Campos

        @Laura Burgess no :(

      2. Laura Burgess

        Same did they

    54. Dezzys World

      Love your Tik tok's it's okay don't be sad 😥

    55. Kady Mcdermott

      Tbh your using them for clout that’s why your telling This now cause there more successful then you

    56. Jessica Rodriguez

      If ur here say abc

      1. WindyCH


    57. how is ur day mine is good

      The fact kouver thinks she's so good and awesome and she doesn't even care about u anymore! EVERYTHING SHE IS DOING WAS ALL FROM YOU! AND SHE NEVER EVEN APPRECIATED YOU! Dayna as a true fan of you...I want u to have the best and...Being friends with kouver the fact she yelled at u for telling the TRUTH....Was not a good idea, AND U CAN SEE HOW MUCH ALEX LOVED KOUVER THAT HE STILL STAYED WITH HER TILL THIS DAY!😭The internet gots lots to show crazy shii man.💀Hating it.

    58. Lolo Lois

      Thank you telling this to everyone even if more than u billion people do not see it atleast its here and people can come look at it. Tbh when I first saw her she seemed like a good person, but after hearing you talk about what she did in past it made me realize that not always but everyone has a mask that hide under to hide their true colors thank you for this dayna. Also you, should let out your feelings about something that's troubling you. If you keep inside it will hurt unless it's something you want to keep inside, trust me I have many that I keep inside but its hurting me but I stay strong. I wish the best of luck and to get emotionally stronger and physically aswell 🤗

    59. Jose Naranjo

      Depression made kouvr like fat alex was so toxic

    60. Mili Bob

      my question is why is Alex still with her i-

    61. just jazzy

      I feel like this was supposed to be a personal problem like it’s between them it shouldn’t be the internets problem

    62. Miley Landeros

      Wow so we did not now this situation they lied to us I feel so bad for you I think that Alex should have done something he knew and also it said that he did not choose and also you helped klover three everything and it hurts even me! The ending be hitting hard you are so respectful even though they did that to you I am all emotions I am sad and mad and I feel so bad and also for Tyler!They act like there so perfect!🙁☹😭😤

    63. Gwen Cromwell

      This is crazy

    64. Jordyn Hunter

      first of all this is in the past so could u back off everyone makes mistakes that doesn’t mean u should tell everyone like it’s not ur story to tell and honestly this is supposed to be against ur two old best friends ig call it but honestly this just shows that ur not trustworthy. i had a friend who hurt me to i had multiple friends that i was RLY close with like u describe and there’s one specific one who i trusted with my whole fr life just to find out she was stabbing me in the back the whole time and to this day i have NEVER told anyone what she did so honestly think about what u did in this video bc it’s only bad for u. i completely agree with some of the things ur saying but i still don’t think making this video was a good idea

    65. A J

      i can tell she isnt playing because her neck is bright red

    66. Makayla Leigh

      Bro that’s not even your business just keep quiet

    67. Kaitlyn Bradshaw

      I actually never knew this.

    68. Mack Gullison

      wow.. kouvr really did all of u dirty.

      1. Mack Gullison

        WindyCH I mean I guess..

      2. WindyCH

        Well at least she changed

    69. Quarantine Kids

      i love kouvr but this is so sad and i hope your okay i understand how hard this can be

    70. CJFAINE

      Preach but are h and Alex still bffs

      1. WindyCH


    71. Addy’s Adventures

      Why U gotta do that to her tho!

    72. Gionna Tello

      kouvr is a toxic person

    73. Gracie Martin

      Hi dayna I love u xxxxxxxxxx

    74. Creekside Films

      The fact that he is still like “Hi Baby” like that is so cute

    75. Siennarblx

      You all have nerve to body shame them..

    76. Gacha Willow videos

      Bro she isn’t a good person back and now😡😢

      1. WindyCH

        Gacha Willow videos what

      2. Gacha Willow videos

        WindyCH bruh🤨

      3. WindyCH


    77. Ayla Jordan

      Your a horrible person to be this rude

    78. Gemma Kilkenny


    79. baby boat

      I’m srry dat happened to u but u did what u could and she took avenge of u for no reason and u been a good person and kouvr is fake for dat keep being a ⭐️ dat u are love your biggest fan nivi💙💙 go follow my tik tok datkidonivi12💙💙💙

      1. WindyCH

        I don’t think she thinks kouver is fake

    80. Donutcaptainjr ;3

      Tbh I’m not really gonna trust this girl because if you want to call out and destroy other kids role models that really shows you have nothing else to do with your life. If you want to get mad at them, DM Alex or something you’re literally making drama out of it