What happened with my HEAD SURGERY...



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    1. Awkward Omelette

      there’s not really a big difference 😂

    2. Sword1214

      3:03 ssundee be looking like the egg from shrek

    3. NaniXGhoul-_-

      Ssundee: we've done broke lifeeeeeee

    4. zarrar

      dr eggman be like 3:00

    5. JTAG123 / jakobtheawesomegamer123

      0:36 you look beautiful

    6. a banana

      I mean you still have a five head but is not as bad

    7. Alexis Vanderwal

      You don't look redickulous at all

    8. chicken TVLemon

      Russel da Best

    9. Watrix

      Ssundee do a chin reveal again lol (u look weird with that beard)

    10. Samantha Amai

      It looks great

    11. lukettaaa 26

      Your new hair is awesome

    12. typical cooling

      We could do fashion shows

    13. Aboody .Yazoony

      Cool Sandy

    14. Derp Face Magee

      “Most of the hairs didn’t agree with my head”.

    15. Jace Cota

      How old do you have to be to apply for Video Ideas?

    16. 5 left

      K.o I am strong

    17. Dare Stringer


    18. joshua plays

      Who skipped all the way to the end to see his hair

    19. Brandon Paul

      U could just U know Shave ur head A lot of people pull it of I mean my dad had an afro then shaved it of and it's been like that ever since

    20. Lemon DD

      Ssundee has made one too many “hair” videos

    21. Elake 1

      I like it

    22. Giorno Giovanna

      You done broke life

    23. mule toes

      Bruh that’s worse looking than your first hairline xd

    24. Devon Webb

      I would take the job, but i'm only 14 right now and I just started youtube 2-3 years ago and I know absolutely NOTHING about youtube.

    25. Connor Charnes

      Did it hurt sundew

    26. Christopher Hardwick

      Tbh, far back hair line suits you

    27. Nightmearboy123

      Russell: sounds about right *sips coffee*

    28. Worm the silly Dino

      Dude you looked fine before surgery

    29. Aarontheman10

      What’s exactly rong with ur head?

    30. Jocelyn Gamer of Jsab and project arrthimya

      On your frist picture are you crying?!?!?

    31. fire cat

      shave ur beard

    32. David G

      Eat your cereal

    33. Jaden C

      I kinda wish you had your hairline fixed while you still had long hair. It may not be a popular opinion, but I really liked it

    34. Aiden Viljoen

      I would love to help

    35. Willthegamer

      ssunde is badling

    36. Aiden The Gamer HD

      Poor simian he has bad hair too

    37. Its Galaxy

      Binging with banish with hair

    38. Jonathan Torres

      Hi ssunde

    39. Dimitri Gievski

      Ur fotilis

    40. King JX

      U don't really have the hype

    41. TheHarryAnamation123 R

      Bruv he risked his life to get nice hair WTF man I don’t risk my money for my hair

    42. Evan LoCasto

      oh my 5:34

    43. Evan LoCasto

      4:37 head reveal...

    44. Lord Football

      I love it ❤️❤️🇸🇩🇸🇩🇸🇩

    45. Julian San Antonio

      SSundee can you please shave your beard it is just making me making me *Cringe*

    46. Julian San Antonio

      *Can please make another series of Factions,JailBreak and SkyFactory?*


      He protecc He attacc But most importantly *His hairline fight bacc*

    48. kawaii Chan_plays

      His laugh is so sweet

    49. Ok Lol

      Egg head

    50. Cynsyrツ

      I like that fresh cut

    51. You Burnt

      my hairline is 100x worse and in only 16... it’s depressing

    52. thebossbagle mixer

      2:40 I remember you from Wii sports

    53. William Bryant

      Luv yo view

    54. Sam Evert

      I got good ideas

    55. Parvin houshmand

      I met ur son on roblox

    56. TK_ SYMXC

      SSundee felling himself 5:37 lmao 😂 I’m happy

    57. formula -

      Your hair looks excatly like mine but my hair is just longer

    58. Suzicat 7286

      Not me:how come you are bald in front and I’m back you have like girl hair. My sis:cause it was before

    59. Jared Eggert

      Yo ssundee stop messen up ur hair bra

    60. Nathan Vanderpool

      Peaky Blinders haircut?