YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Outside Today [Official Music Video]

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    YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Outside Today
    Still Flexin, Still Steppin OUT NOW!
    Until Death Call My Name Reloaded OUT NOW!
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    1. DUCK LORD

      I stg dis song hits different during corona shiii

    2. J ORDYN

      coronavirus theme song.

    3. frate 77

      Vado sempre, sempre al burger king perché sono, sono troppo king uh sorry wrong song

    4. Jups Kops

      Nba: I ain't goin outside today Whole world: mans spitting big facts

    5. Ultraspontane

      This is what jews have done to western culture.

    6. matt weeks

      goat shit

    7. Joseph Schlichting

      Crip shit

    8. Joseph Schlichting


    9. Dan Lansana KOUROUMA


    10. Caniyah

      Am I the only one who miss nene and yb together ?

    11. 6pGas N

      “Trynna hide from the corona, I ain't goin outside today“

    12. Medboy JD

      This hit different rn

    13. gerald3637


    14. joyfulvulture

      lol... this is fucking trash

    15. Michael Gibson

      Me in a nutshell in quarantine

    16. Kuz

      66k dislikes are the people who got corona.

    17. Christian Copland

      So everything about covid 19 now easy up

    18. Natalie Sabb

      Youngboy never broke again:I ain't going outside today. Coronavirus: dang it young boy ain't going outside today

    19. Farouk ben

      These days

    20. Yung_Baller

      this mf spittin

    21. Los Angeles CA

      Nobody, not a single soul 2020:

    22. mekka knight

      Yb:I ain't going outside Corona:this nigga spitting

    23. IMPRINTT

      Youngboy: I ain’t going outside today: Government: *this mf spittin🔥*

    24. Dmd

      When Corona comes to your city.

    25. ExCalibur

      I am attempting to conceal myself from recording devices. I shall not leave my sanctuary into the public world on the current date

    26. Yvng Kris

      Covid19: youngboy come outside come get sum fresh air Youngboy: i aint going outside todayyy

    27. Modern Ghana

      Go listen to bello Figo burger king you thief

    28. Autumn Yeager

      Right I agree

    29. Scoup Aightbet

      Coronavirus: *appears* YoungBoy: *I aint goin’ outside todayyyy*

    30. Skia Yt

      It look like he in quarantine cause he doesn’t want to go outside today Me:I want to go outside

    31. Young. Mkb

      best song for quarantine

    32. King Red

      *who is here in 2020* Real fammm: *we never left*

    33. DJ Hypro

      Trying to hide from Corona 👑 I ain’t going outside today 😂🤣😅

    34. FosterChild

      Coronavirus exist Me:

    35. p0ndV0t4g3

      Can this open ib spotify

    36. Sadika Nasir

      I ain't going out

    37. Blue Cookies

      Everybody please rise for the National CoronaVirus Anthem☝🏾

    38. shardrs

      I Ike how she grew a ass all of a sudden

    39. Football Life

      NBA: I ain't going outside today Me: Or Tomorrow or the next day .... FuCK COrOnA

    40. Jonathan Whitaker

      Camera. Dumbass s

    41. AiR Frizzy


    42. NIGWARD

      Mood rn Corona ain't getting me todayyy


      Yb: I ain’t goin outside today Trump n the government: this young man is spitting bars

    44. cornelius macon

      Yeah people don’t know nothing about the coronavirus yeah should not be talking about Just stay in a damn house and listen to what I Gotta say I think it came from Batts

    45. Daenerys Targaryen

      #NBAYOUNGBOY2020 LOL and I KNEEEEWWW I wasn't the only one thinking the same thing. Haha we love u YB for keep it LIT during a downer ass time in the world.

    46. Daenerys Targaryen

      Lol I swear all I been thinking about is this song for a month straight LOCKDOWN! 🛌👅🚾⚠️

    47. Memphis10

      "Tryna hide from the coronavirus, ain't going outside today" "Gotta social distancing, so I'm chilling in the house today"

    48. CJS Story’s Fun

      She’s up about that fuking caronavirous

    49. Rugge _ _ _

      Meglio Burger King di BelloFigo

    50. thot bitch

      He knew corona was gonna happen so he made this song... his mind

    51. Da Creator

      I ain't going outside today Pour me up DREX, I make it too grind Tryna' hide from the cameras, I ain't going outside today Couldn't find Hi-Tech, so I'm drinking on Act' today I'ma pull up in style, we gon' do a drive by in the Wraith I'ma take it to trial, pray to Lord I beat the case That money be callin' I don't do no talkin' so get the fuck outta my face Gotta tech and a chopper, with a hundred thousand dollars up in the Wraith You know I ain't slippin' you know that I'm with it I'll shoot him right up in his face Three say that I'm trippin' you know that I'm drippin' I'm wrapped in Saran today I just bought a brand new watch from God, I ain't put it on yet (I ain't put it on yet) I don't care 'bout no bitch, I ain't giving her shit, spend it all on my homies I go put on my son, from my car to my house, everything, I own it When it come to that money you know I ain't stun, I be on it I just got a pet monkey, cashed out on a tiger But really don't want it, my son don't like him He say that we beefin' you know I'll fight em' My clip full of thunder you know I'll strike 'em Wanna join NBA, go and catch you a body Free Kevin Gates, it's a murder for hire Double G gang on the front of my title I ran up my Glock and I bought me a rifle Tryna' hide from the cameras, I ain't going outside today (hide from the cameras) Couldn't find Hi-Tech, so I'm drinking on Act' today (find Hi-Tec) I'ma pull up in style, we gon' do a drive by in the Wraith I'ma take it to trial, pray to Lord I beat the case I jump out at your house I ain't shoot from the corner Ben bought me a bitch but I really don't want her I don't do no cappin' I keep it 100 Right now I'm recordin' with ten thousand on me He say he want smoke but I know he don't want it Shoot him and his bitch and I up one of his homies You know how I'm feelin' I don't got to say it Face every problem all by my lonely Tryna' hide from the cameras, I ain't going outside today Couldn't find Hi-Tech, so I'm drinking on Act' today I'ma pull up in style, we gon' do a drive by in the Wraith I'ma take it to trial, pray to Lord I beat the case

    52. Jayden

      1million likes again let's go just last week genie was the only song with 1 million likes and then untouchable and now this we making progress we need no smoke and overdose to get

    53. The finest Gamer XX

      Corona anthem

    54. Holly H

      I read your bio after I just heard about you and I'm so into your shit bro! I need this rn so thanks and may we all be safe and healthy forever amen!

    55. TheblackUzumaki

      Je kinda look nle choppa

    56. charlotte warren


    57. Kemsly Chera

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="31">0:31</a> This mf spittin

    58. flahertyrick9188

      I never go outside lol

    59. RyZeツ

      Me:Seen people coughing outside Me:"i ain goin outside today "

    60. solex comedy

    61. Andrew Ortiz

      This hit different now because of the corona virus

    62. Lafrayna Tiease


    63. Jay Siggers

      Corona comes to Virginia Me: I ain’t going outside today

    64. Jay Siggers

      Trying to hide from the corona I not going outside today couldn’t find my facemask I’m trying to stay inside today where’s my gloves where’s my gloves there’s no playing today

    65. Mista501 G

      May God bless and protect you and your family as you like this comment. You and your family shall not have Corona Virus in Jesus name. Amen. 🙏

    66. LilTin

      I ain´t going outside today

    67. charlito

      i keep trying to dissociate words

    68. MKing

      Quarantine Anthem

    69. Gunner Alan Lindbloom

      I can’t take no fake Ass serious. He’s a little nerd who spends his life on a computer. And yall dick riders think he’s a gangster. Fake bling, rented car. A stack of $1s. Is it really that easy to be a superstar rapper? Man I’m in the wrong biz. Funny thing is, I’m a real gangster 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣

    70. Andreia Goins

      Fuck tham fans I’m not going out today

    71. Lorik Murseli

      Nigga predicted corona

    72. Brittany Dunn

      Trying to hide from the Corona I ant getting that virus today

    73. BL4Z3 GAMING

      When You Hear Someone Has Coronavirus in Ur Street ** Me: I aInT GoInG OuTsIdE ToDaY**

    74. Alex Decareau

      Coronavirus anthem

    75. Vix Gaming

      this song is good for the Corona virus

    76. Ethan McLaughlin

      tryna hide from the bullies people when u coming to cayman

    77. Darryl Wilson

      He snapping on this bitch though

    78. Eian Paulk

      I ain't going out side today😂

    79. Drew Brees the GOAT

      Dooley Da Don is that you 🙄🙄

    80. Jr NMMMRO

      All the people who disliked went outside today

      1. Verneal Lovelock

        @Verneal Lovelock No! I'm not making fun of you. We're gonna take turns asking questions to each of and if one of us can't answer it, then one of us will change our name. I'll go first. Deal?

      2. Verneal Lovelock

        @Verneal Lovelock Verneal LovesCock?! Are you making fun of me?! 😥

      3. Verneal Lovelock

        @Verneal Lovelock I have an idea. ...Whoever says "Verneal LovesCock" first, gets to keep the name! Deal?

      4. Verneal Lovelock

        @Verneal Lovelock No, you change it. I have the rights for this name!

      5. Verneal Lovelock

        @Verneal Lovelock No. You should change it. Don't tell me to change it. 😡