YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dirty lyanna [Official Music Video]

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    YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dirty lyanna
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    1. ExploreYourSound

      Now this song starting to make sense! 🤣

    2. Bow Hello

      Yoo shut the fuck up bro we know why y’all here stop commenting the same sht

    3. Alfred Brown

      Why did she pop the expensive tire

    4. alexandra the activist

      “I see she won’t leave me Lone she sliced my baby momma” 😂😂

    5. Teacher Hanna Kim

      Lovelyti brought me oooh this tea was too hot..

    6. 100,000 subs with 1 video

      Iyanna went from stabbing tires outside Youngboy’s house to stabbing babymommas insideYoungboy’s house

    7. Deanna Clayton

      Why she stab YB baby mama

    8. LennardRFB

      what the fuck did I just listen to

      1. LennardRFB

        my ears, my eyes

      2. LennardRFB

        what the fuck did I just see

    9. HendrixLove

      Wow this song is trash as fuck

    10. Chandler

      DIRTY IYANNA🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    11. Disolve

      This bitch go from slicing tires to slicing baby mamas💀 shi crazy😂😂

    12. Wavy Brazy

      Stop saying "who's here cause Iyanna just got arrested".. of course that's why we here dummy's 😂😂😂

    13. Hilllife Entertainment

      #hilllifeent #hilllifelifestyle

    14. Avaunt ortiz

      Dirty iyanna part 2 ????💔💔

    15. Isaiah

      What the fuck was he trying to accomplish with this song

    16. Game Game Castro

      Damn so much has changed...

    17. Joshua Jackson

      she real dirty for stabbing his bm 😭

    18. 40BANDS UZUMAKi

      SG OR 4KT

    19. Erika Butler

      His dick must be made of gold😂

    20. khalid mohamud

      People need to chill tf out with the "Who Here after Finding out ..." comments, shit. We get it, thats why we're all here.. damn.

    21. King Hawkeye

      Who's here you know the rest

    22. John Rodrigue

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="87">1:27</a> got me dying 😂😂😂

    23. moe

      Shit dookie

    24. 2pacexpert

      She look just like Iyanna too but the song was weak

    25. Jayyy

      Iyanna really dirty 😂.

    26. The Rap Game

      she slashed ya baby mama now..

    27. Star Glazed

      bitch really is crazy

    28. Monica Ivey

      This is making me think the stabbing was set up 🧐

    29. Ms. G

      This a banga!! I neen a real rock band behind him at the show!!

    30. Jag vet inte


    31. Laurel Hwata

      Yaya is psycho psycho. She even stabbed one of his baby mamas (she probs reading the comments lmao)

    32. Im Neaaa

      Which baby momma did she stab ?

    33. Jamond Smith

      who here cause they heard the news about iyanna stabbing NBA youngboys baby momma

    34. Bitch you don’t gotta like me

      Bitch MJ is turning in his damn grave listening to this trash

    35. Disgrace

      This song about to blow up

    36. Elite Fitness

      She really a samurai with the blades😭😭

      1. Tah Smith

        A crazy ass spoiled, retarded ass, mongoose looking ass Samurai

    37. Ejah Benesto

      what were you thinking

    38. Sway FN

      U love call of duty

    39. MarvelousMartha

      She stab your car tires , now your baby mama . Dirty iyanna 🗣😭😭

    40. Ashley Nicole

      This is so trash wth😐

    41. Allen Iverson

      Who’s here after finding out iyanna stabbed his babymomma ?

    42. Akeem Williams

      See she handy with the 🔪

    43. Jaedan Jlouis

      From slashing tyres to stabbing baby mommas😂😂

    44. Eric Foulks

      He tried to tell us

    45. Sylvester Flores

      Who else feels bad for Floyd😪

    46. Andre Antoine

      The tires ain’t the only thing she be slashing😭

    47. focussonjordan

      She dirty but u go back to her ... y’all really confused

    48. Ahmad E.

      Who here after a bih got sliced and diced? 😂😂🔪🔪

    49. Chassy B

      If this video ain’t real idk what is?

    50. Nyan 00 Semaj

      This shit Garbage..

    51. Zay the DJ

      That’s fucked up for real

    52. Renardo Cunningham Jr.

      Well this song didn’t aged right

    53. Share M

      she sliced the soul out my babymomma😂

    54. I'm The Prize

      This song now has a different meaning

    55. Neelam Rai

      I’m late but is this song about Iyanna Mayweather??

      1. Kay Marie


    56. Donovan Jarrett

      I like this song more after 👂 hearing the recent news lol.... #DirtyIyanna is a real thing I guess but I think he like it cuz he wild to they energy must much

    57. P Miller

      They play too much 😂

    58. Chef Dj Sketchy cooking

      This song really could be used in a court of law😂

    59. Saphirre

      Iyanna stay stabbing something

    60. Anoyolo Tomsana

      "She sliced the tires to my car" metaphor for she fucking stabbed my BM.

    61. Rico RamirezTv

      This shit trash

    62. Tony Williams

      THIS THE FUNNIEST SHIT I HAVE SEEN IN THE 10 years. outside of the poor woman getting stabbed offcourse.

    63. King Flowers

      here after the stabbing

    64. Chop Blade

      This video is prophetic

    65. MrYUNGT92

      Bruh this man makes a song about how crazy you are...brings his BM to Houston to do tells you you can’t come in with your fiancé go in anyway...fight the BM...start losing...stab the BM...go to out...come back to the root of your current problems...try to sleep...get woken up...fiancé calls dad a bitch...also says he ain’t ever wore what you bought him...all while Rona runs rampant 🤣

    66. Good Noodle

      Who’s here after she stabbed one of youngboys babymamas 🔪

    67. Icy Diamonds

      Yall hyped this song way tf up wen it was supposed to be a parody

    68. L00k Pablo

      “I see she won’t leave me lone.... SHE STAB THAT BITCH IN THE HEART, dirty Iyanna ohhhh”

    69. Chris Mitchell

      The future of hip hop is in trouble. No more originality or lyricist.

    70. Dyllon Johnson

      i see we all had the same thing in mind 💀

    71. L00k Pablo

      This hit different now

    72. Outthis Piece

      Now this getting interesting!!!🤔

    73. Sherkole Nyak

      lmao watching this with the scenario of moneyyaya in cuffs fr fr

    74. 5280z007

      FREE YAYA!

    75. Jemica Bunton

      Yall pray for them. Nobody is perfect. I love them together. I just pray God give the guidance. Life is too short. Pray he keep going bc his music is great... ♥️♥️ instead of the negativity, pray for them... you ppl have done worse so don’t speak when you have sisters, brothers and kids growing up.

    76. JayUzi JaShaun

      dirty Iyanna stabbing bitches

    77. Vagina Connoisseur

      Damn I know Iyanna gonna suffer deeply in jail. She was used to living lavish & spoiled. Oh well, harsh way to learn your lesson. Good luck to the baby moms recovery too.

      1. Leudanne

        She ain’t in jail

    78. Ngoy Umba

      Now I see why he named the song after her...

    79. David Wallace

      Just found out Iyanna stabbed his BM 🤣🤣

    80. ayo sowole

      Who's here after finding out Iyanna went right back to him after she bailed out

      1. AziaIyanei

        ayo sowole yea then stabbing his baby mother