YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Untouchable [Official Music Video]

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    YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Untouchable [Official Music Video]
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    1. Łloyd Philanī

      NBA the new GOAT🐐

    2. Maddi Grace

      Yb look like he was annoyed by Ben 10 in the video at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="155">2:35</a>

    3. Shadow Deering


    4. JetBlue

      u a legend if u listening to dis u kno he untouchable

    5. gaby ‘

      i listen to indie music and my friends told me to listen to this and im like 😐 this isn’t my type of music 😳.....

    6. Ybn Killerclone

      My favourite part is I put my all into this sh*t man I can’t f*cking lose

    7. MUD HOLE


    8. Hitman Javi

      38 big k sg all da way

    9. Gabriel Quintela

      Man this shit only came out 3 years ago. Why you all acting like this shit 20 years old "still listening in 2020 xD"

    10. Paul Witt

      Gang gang bro

    11. Paul Witt

      Youngboy is the best rapper in the world right now

    12. Chiques Music

      *When he said “CumRunnaMonehUhhWihMeNihh“ I felt dat..*

    13. anumudu emeka

      The song always keep me going, and I appreciate yb for that.

    14. Paul Cio

      What the fuck was this shit 😂🤦🏿‍♂️

    15. Ill Fuego

      Yo crazy as it made sound that the best song out there I been listening to it from times to times ever since the song came out and I never get tired of it, I can feel he spoke his soul onto these verses

    16. Jmoney120 Miles

      38 baby youngin 💙💖

    17. Dawson Skoland

      U rep crip

    18. N B A

      Who a real fan that U heard all his song and now starting the playlist over bc u forgot the of songs

    19. CG PURPL3 PLZ

      Anyone else change they voice to match him saying aaron

    20. Ismail Ali

      almost 200 mil view but only 1 mil likes

      1. 23savage Glee

        That's good for a rap song

    21. Dmoneyy TG

      This and house arrest just bump to crazy got them on replay

    22. Sonic Dragneel

      What's this sample bcuz I think kevin gates used this for bag

    23. Carolyn Jackson


    24. Jamal Taylor


    25. Young Ready

      Subscribe to me get me to 1k

    26. Malik Dame

      He has 2pac's cadence on this record

    27. Dominate 4lif3

      Who want this yb back somtimes


      Let’s make this match 200 millions 🔥🔥🔥

    29. Lonely Reaper

      The best song he has ever released, period.

    30. Ahmad Albadri

      All those years of hearing this song I just found out meek mill was on the phone with him in the beginning of the video

    31. just some guy without a mustache

      Finally a million likes

    32. Jayblox Pegues

      I keep replaying this song over and over cause it got me so deep into it😢❤

    33. Jaylin Brock

      #ripDUMPWAY #ripBoozilla #ripBangBadass #freeDDAWG

    34. Edson Olmedo

      Where the fuck did the 200 million views come from lol

    35. Fatboi

      I’m the 1 millionth like

    36. Krystail Sampson

      They smile up in my face but they don’t know I den been through 💯💯💯

    37. ViolentGamer3

      YoungBoy = 🐐

    38. marofmarkiyah W

      “ I put my all into this shit man I can’t fucking lose “. I felt that🥺🐐🔥

    39. Justice Netshishivhe

      the realest

    40. Jacktown Dee

      The goat💯my fav song by yb still bumping in 2020 and all the old shi 🤝

    41. Jay Miller

      i like this song in 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 on god ever fan need to like this on

    42. Javen May

      You are the best. NBA YoungBoy

    43. Iyuna Kitchings


    44. Gaming With Gracie

      not the wet socks.

    45. Tanner Clements

      Covid can't see me im untouchable LIKE THIS IF YOU THINK YB IS THE KING

    46. Savanna Starnes

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a>

    47. Logan Deschamps Santos

      Who still here 2020 in quarntine

    48. Christian Brown

      Who was here b4 1M??

    49. Myqwan Myers

      I remember the second time I listened to this I cried tears 😭 of joy😅🥺👌🤧👍😩😫

    50. Dessirae Mendoza

      Omg I love NBA youngboy songs he’s such a good rapper

    51. rylan ward

      Who bumping to this during quarantine I dang sure is 😂😂

    52. tydre joines


    53. Bradley Robinson

      What’s his girls insta @

    54. Jessica Westley

      true song period

    55. Blue Hunchos100

      What the fuck I tell you 1 million likes

    56. Linda Lakes

      I love is song.

    57. John Hernandez

      Who still bumpin shii neva get old👌👈👉👈🏼👉🏼👇

    58. Kareem Saddler


    59. Brayan Lot

      Meno t porra

    60. Jayden

      Good job yall we got this song to 1million likes now this and genie are his only songs with a million next is no smoke and then overdose

    61. Allstar Champ

      Gotta move or u gon Die

    62. James Janow

      2020 I'm going home this year's been down south done a bid In GA prison free James

    63. sue fontenot

      I love this song

    64. shannonp27

      that last clip😩🥵

    65. shannonp27

      that last clip😩🥵

    66. Kaila Odom

      “Whole Lotta of nights I went to sleep and i ain’t had no food” I felt that💯

      1. CurlyHeadShon

        Yeah I ate my fucking quarantine snakes dawg😒

      2. scumbag supreme

        Only the real can relate

      3. marofmarkiyah W


    67. Angel Ambrister

      This video made me realize how young nba really is

    68. Brayden Lowery

      It is fr fr

    69. Benj Backup

      Almost 3 years ago. But still a banger!!! Love YB 💪

    70. Mr Pharoah

      *Move out BR, to L.A so I don't have to keep a tool* *atleast cuh kept it real*

    71. Elijah Reynolds

      Who still out here bumping this at the end of march of 2020. Like and comment because you are a true fan then

    72. lil cuban

      This bump hard 2020

    73. Ssnapy YT

      who the girl at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="89">1:29</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="91">1:31</a>

    74. Burja

      10000000th like!!!!!

    75. Evan Aston

      this song still slap🖖

    76. Yashieka Swanson

      " They smile in my face, but they don't know what I've been through ‼️"

    77. Young Scotty-38

      Hope all of you stay safe out there

    78. Johnny SoFunny

      On gang 💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸

    79. Gloria Martin

      Dis song hot

    80. Shaidion Pinedo

      Meek speak the truth 💯