YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Genie [Official Music Video]

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    YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Genie
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    1. LeBron James go listen to that fa me please🤞🏾🤞🏾I swear You wont regret it 🔥‼️🙏🏾

    2. my new profile ig

      I been giving all my love TELL ME do you fell it! Never learned how to trust .? Like I love what else you want .

    3. my new profile ig

      How could you just like to me !!! Get from off your knees! You don't gotta cry to me yeah!

    4. my new profile ig


    5. my new profile ig

      Too many problems thinking how I'm gon solve it so much pain in my body!!

    6. my new profile ig

      Being in love never helped me solve my problems!

    7. Young Dripsta

      who here cause they bored and depressed about all this covid-19 shit

    8. Josh Loarca

      He really looks up to his dad Kodak🤣 if yk yk

    9. Ivan Hristov

      imagine being so bored that you scroll down and find my comment

    10. Ivan Hristov

      Who is here in april and bumping this song during the outbreak

    11. Connie Lopez

      Right here💙💖

    12. King Ryan

      FUCK THAT NIGGA SNIPA!!!! is what he should’ve said

    13. Almighty Juice

      "Free Kodak everything gettin stayed" Sad to see that there beefing now.

      1. Lifeline Fourkenth


    14. Ty Hymel

      well the "free the main sniper" bar aint age too well

    15. Yunely Diaz

      Bichs this was 2 year

    16. Vision Haxker

      Who here after YB and Kodak beef ?

      1. Ashea E


    17. Riley Fenton

      This was me and my ex's song

    18. Ynbshooter Y'all wanna

      How noticed at the end he said Zoe life free dat mane sniper

      1. RYFT

        they wasn't beefin at the time

    19. Tylerafnf

      You gay boi 🍆

    20. Damian Hawkins


    21. genasyde kevin481

      this is a pain song

    22. Blessed Beyond measures

      2020 foreverrr🤩

    23. Gmen pg

      I listen to new music but I’ll never understand the nba appeal. And 250mil. Wtf! Just go listen to it was written or the chronic and come back to this ctfu. And again I listen to new music !

    24. Pablo SippS

      FreeTheMainSniper ,smh

    25. blw trey

      “Free Kodak”😂😂😂😂

    26. Gabe Lincoln777

      Damn he said free kodak now they beefin tuff

    27. King Baller

      Well those Kodak lines sound awkward now lmao

    28. Top 5

      "Free Kodak everything is" "Zoe life till the end tell em free the main snipa"....He was shoutin Kodak out all the time and he stabbed him in the back.

    29. Majeedia Johnson

      Luv you from moon and back bae 💟💟💟💚💚💚🤩🥰🥰🥰👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👬 and I love you kentrell @$$$#

    30. Alex Waszak

      Free kodak

    31. Sky molly Django Official

      Rn it’s fuck Kodak

    32. Demario Pinkins

      You my Favorite rapper I Listening to your songs all day and. Your 4 sons is cute

    33. rsavv 416

      who here 2yrs after it been released

    34. Rah4k's

      Kodak said you son son😂😂😂😂

    35. The 10s

      He Said free kodak

    36. Cheynia Felton

      Who here after Kodak hating from jail

    37. Aimen Lazaar

      ‘Free Kodak everything is slatt.’ He boutta take that back real quick😂

    38. i yo

      play at 1.25🥶

    39. Shemar Scott

      Free the main sniper 😂😂

    40. Eli Hendrixx

      First he was saying free Kodak now they beefing😂

      1. King Ryan

        Eli Hendrixx thats bc kodak a bitch

      2. Nasir Cuffie

        😂😂😂😂 Well that was when they was cool

    41. maycon 777

      version with bass

    42. matseko penny

      Dang in 2020 still bumping this is crazy

    43. Reggie Lancaster

      Still jamminn this hoe in april 2020

    44. RAZORT 94

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a> FREE KODACK - 2020 NBA : FUCK KODACK

    45. hitta

      zOe LiFe To ThE eNd

    46. R S

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="179">2:59</a> Zoe life till the end tell them free the main sniper

      1. RayWitDa Sauce

        R S niggas clowning JayDaYoungan for saying he a fan but they wont clown YB for saying zoe life till the end tho 😭

    47. Raider Z

      officially 2 years ago, time fly 🕊

    48. Skip Sharpe

      He says Free Kodak In This Song And Now They Beefing

      1. KvngFasa

        King Ryan FACTS

      2. King Ryan

        Skip Sharpe bc kodak a bitch if someone always show you love why would you disrespect them?

      3. Bsturd 1

        Skip Sharpe FAX THATS WHY IM HERE

    49. 93Premium

      Anyone here after the KODAK situation 😂. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="179">2:59</a> “Zoe life till the end tell em free the main sniper, Free Kodak” 😂🧟‍♂️💤💤🇭🇹

      1. Small Town Dom

        Misery loves company

      2. Makaveli Pac

        KvngFasa envious

      3. KvngFasa

        93Premium Bruhhh frr idk why yak went after em i mean he got a phone, literally no point of doin it

    50. Britania Samms

      I love you❤ young boy

    51. Tanner Magee

      2 years old today

    52. Lil louisy officialvevo

      Who still listening to this April 2020

    53. lit gang

      Who here after young boy live

    54. Sean Elitz

      Who’s listenin during the apocalypse of 2021?

    55. Thotboss Quan

      “Tell em free the main sniper” this didnt age well🤣😂

      1. Merck tv

        KvngFasa ion think he meant to make em mad I think they was already low key beefing behind the scenes ova dat one female nba took from Kodak y he was in jail...

      2. Makaveli Pac

        Thotboss Quan showin love to these niggas when they really envy u behind the scenes 🤦🏽‍♂️

      3. KvngFasa

        exactly bruh ion get why yak had to start beef wit yb even though he made a line for him

      4. Pablo SippS

        Such a Shame Smh

      5. xLeGenDaRy SNiPeRx

        Thotboss Quan now he don’t fw him 😭

    56. jamari brewer21

      Who still listen to this me

    57. Wendy Frederick


    58. Blue Hunchos100

      Danm 2 years later youngboy still better than most of these rapper and making more hits #4kt #slime #38baby

      1. TrapFather

        I wouldn’t say most

      2. Jacktown Dee

        Blue Hunchos100 💯🐐

    59. trapstill Jumping

      Being in love never helped me solve my problems, i wish that i could find a girl just like my mama 🔥

    60. Ronnisha Bailey


      1. Ronnisha Bailey


    61. asia branch

      Love your sgos


      Bruh this man came so far, been listening to him since he was 16

      1. Jacktown Dee

        NBA YOUNGBOY facts

    63. Lii Peanut

      This shit still hard on me !!

    64. Arthur Livingston

      You bump that song nba youngboy

    65. Arthur Livingston

      You bump that bich be nba youngboy

    66. Jaiden gang Ross

      M e

    67. Shoxck Jackson

      Who still Bumping this through April 2020 because of Covid 19

    68. movie king

      I am a IRseler

    69. The Plug

      Who else bumping during quarantine?? April 2020

    70. Ocean Hunter

      I FEEL SAD FOR YA I HAVE PROBLEMS TOO😭😭😭😭😭😭😭*btw this song fire🔥🔥best song

    71. Ewang Nzume

      This song touched me right inside

    72. V444

      I love my right hand cause it’s on the side of me or I can use my left because that’s my damn homie I love to beat my meat my hands never lie to me I be shootin all these nuts aim it towards the ceiling

    73. Mario Kirk

      At what about youngboy

    74. Young Ready

      Subscribe to me get me to 1k

    75. Darlene Downey


    76. Darlene Downey

      I love this song

    77. Starstruckk .13

      Who ever dislike this song rel fuckin retarded😒 cause this song rel hard🔥

    78. Yolanda Chatman


    79. Rhonda Gilmore

      If u fwm dis song like